Massage therapy has been an universal technique which has been used since the medieval times. There are many benefits to using massage therapy, both physically and emotionally. Massage therapy is defined as using physical manipulation of pressure of tension to ones body. This can be done by friction or kneading muscles, soft tissues and ligaments.

Types of massage range depending on what type of technique is used be it eastern or western types. European and Asian massages such as acupressure or western methods such as Swedish or prenatal massage can be used. These various methods work by manipulating various muscles in ones body by working both physically and emotionally. Each type is used to achieve its own goals.

Emotionally, massage can be used to bring deep emotional issues to the surface from within the soft tissues of the body. By the use of touch both physical and emotional functions of the body and be brought to the surface. We are capable of learning information about our muscles in our own bodies and how each part is interconnected within ourselves. We can do this by using the physical and emotional force of touch.

Using these different massage therapy techniques we learn about the muscles we use on a daily basis and about the positive and negative effects of how we use them. Many people believe that the emotional events that we experience in our lives leave an effect on our physical bodies. These can be through memories, emotional stress and life changing situations that we experience.

These can effect our bodies in both positive and negative ways. Since our brains are connected with our own physical shell, that is our body, the psychological experiences which have affected us are connected to the way that we deal with our feelings and our own memories use this to directly effect the muscles and tendons in our bodies.

There are many different methods of massage therapy in which we can alleviate these traumas that have affected our bodies. Through the countless cultures that have used massage there is certainly more than one type that can help you in your particular situation.

The deep, chronic pains which can affect people with the the ails what have been listed above do not just disappear on their own, on the contrary, one should do some research to find out what kind of massage therapy would work for their particular situation.