The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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Why did I read this book?

A few weeks ago, I was looking for lists of must-read books. I found this book on many of these lists. Next to that, ‘the Alchemist’ was mentioned in an interview with Will Smith, who is really passionate about it. That’s why I got curious.

 So is this bestseller worth the read? I had to find out!


What is the Story about?

This is a novel about a simple shepherd boy called ‘Santiago’ who comes from the region Andalusia of Spain. The boy has a re-occurring dream and meets with an old man who says he is a King. This moves him to go on a quest, to search for a hidden treasure near the Pyramids of Egypt. During his journey, the boy learns about the language of the world, omens and pursuing his Personal Legend.

 The boy will experience setbacks and obstacles, he will learn to know himself better by listening to his heart and read ‘the signs’ of destiny. He will also meet people on the way, like a crystal seller who has too much fear to pursue his personal legend. He will travel the desert, learn about the secrets of nature and find love. And of course he will meet a wise alchemist who leads him the way on his journey.


What makes this book a bestseller?

There are three principles. First of all the book has many life lessons, written in a simple, easy and readable way. Second, the story makes it possible for readers to interpret the story the way they want to interpret it. And thirdly , there are many things that readers can relate to, like following your dreams, overcoming obstacles, fear of the journey and making a choice.

 The book represents a philosophy which inspires Will Smith and many more as I talked about earlier. You want to know what inspired Will Smith?

Will Smith on The Alchemist book