Las Vegas is a travel destination that is well-loved for its entertainment, dining and food. Vegas impresses guests with restaurants from Todd English, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, and Bobby Flay, just to name a few. Hubert Keller, Charlie Palmer and Jean Georges are also well-known cooks who have made Las Vegas their place to do business. Sin City is a great destination when you are looking for unique dining experiences and one of a kind dining. Las Vegas hotels often have restaurants close to them so that guests can experience fine dining at a convenient place.

The Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace is run by Bobby Flay, a cook who is a host on the Food Network and an Iron Chef on the Food Network Channel. He has a great mix of Mexican and Latin dishes that might look easy and like something you would find anywhere on the menu but customers are always impressed and amazed when they receive the meals. Mr. Flay, himself, often shows up at the restaurants randomly to see how things are going, so you never know when you will meet him. He often wanders through the restaurant and stops at tables to make sure that his food is up to your standards. The thing of it is, it does not matter if you see him or not, because the food is always fabulous.

Guests who dine at the MGM Grand, in the New Orléans Fish House can confirm that Emeril Lagasse is an amazing cook. He rose to fame in the 1990s but is still a very influential cook who is admired for his skills in the kitchen. Emeril was made a common name in family gatherings because of the flavor that he puts into every one of his products. He is well-known for dishes with unique flavor that is in your face, exciting and commanding of your attention.

One other chef who became famous during the 1990s is Wolfgang Puck. He has a restaurant named after himself and it was one of the first ones to offer breads right at the tables. He uses German food to express himself, and is also comfortable with American and other European dishes. He slowly developed his menu to include a variety of food and it is one of the most remarkable menus in the culinary world. Mr. Puck is also known to stop in and check on how his businesses are running, because much like Bobby Flay, he likes to keep his fingers in the pot and make sure that customers are happy. His dining areas are open and the kitchen is always visible, so that the customers can watch their meals getting made and they can enjoy watching Puck inspect the restaurant.

The Crystals City Center boasts the restaurant Beso, which is owned by Todd English. Even though Todd English is not as well-known as the other television stars, he has the most wonderful food, according to restaurant critics and reviewers. He runs a Latin based restaurant and his partner in the business is Eva Longoria. At first glance you might not recognize the greatness of Beso, but once you try the menu you will never be the same. Just because your name is well-known on the TV, and are well known to the public, it does not mean that you are as successful as some of the chefs who are not known on TV. Todd English's food can match up to that of the most well-known celebrities in the food world today.

Charlie Palmer Steak is one of the restaurants that is in deep competition with Beso because both the atmosphere and the flavor of the food. But just because you haven't heard of Charlie Palmer, you should not discount his food because it has a great flavor and tastes to it.

Fleur is a competitor of Wolfgang Puck and Mesa Grill, because of the menu selection and food inspiration. Guests who eat there can eat high quality French food and say that the food is delicious. Guests often say that this is a one of a kind establishment that is some of the most amazing dining in Las Vegas.

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