Taekwondo has been earning the title of the "most popular form of martial arts". It is a Korean form of martial arts and it is the national sport of South Korea. The term Taekwondo, when being translated from the Korean language means: tae - "to strike or break with foot", kwon - "to strike or break with fist", and do - "way" or "method" thus when the term Taekwondo is loosely translated to the English language it means, "the way of the foot and fist". It has developed into a combination of self defense, exercise, combat techniques, sport, meditation, and philosophy.

Before looking to buy Taekwondo supplies, you need to know first exactly what you are looking for. The Taekwondo supplies have different categories including equipment, clothes, accessories, footwear, sparring and weapons.

• Taekwondo equipments include: exercising shields, strike bags & gloves and targets.

• The Taekwondo practitioners clothing worn are called a Dobok. The dobok comes in different colours but the most common is black and white. A TTI (belt) is worn around the dobok, the colour of the belt indicates the grade of the student.

• Taekwondo accessories include: Jigsaw mats, flags, badges (Instructors Dobok rank badge, Cloth badge, jacket badge, lapel badge), bags, key-rings and posters.

• Footwear includes: martial art slippers, Ninja Tabi Boots, Tabi socks and training shoes.

• Sparring supplies included: reversible body armour, ladies sports vests, ladies chest protectors, elbow protectors, ankle protectors, forearm protectors, knee protectors, gum shields, groin guards, boxing gloves, hand & foot pads, head guards and shin pads.

• Weapon supplies in Taekwondo includes: weapon cases, and weapons that comes in different materials including rubber, foam, metal and wood. Some of these weapon names are: nunchaka, training knives, swords, Bo, Jo, Escrima and Bokken.

Make sure to search the internet for suppliers when looking to buy Taekwondo supplies. There are an overwhelming wide variety of suppliers to choose from, and you could buy the supplies either new or if you are willing to buy clean second hand Taekwondo supplies from reputable re-sellers.