How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket... With Donuts!

Unless you are a Saint, just about everybody who drives has been pulled over one time or another for doing something wrong. Every time I get pulled over I've always wished there was some way that I could settle the issue with the police officer on the spot without having to actually give me a ticket.

Well ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Anti-Tickett Donut!

According to the official website, the next time you get pulled over just say:

"Well Officer, I can't find my car's registration, I only have this tasty donut"

This is when you reach for your glove box and pull out one of these tasty little pre-packaged Police retardant donuts.

The Anti-Ticket Chocolate Donut

The Anti-Ticket Chocolate Donut With Sprinkles

If he does not accept the donut as a bribe, chances are he is not a real cop. You should speed away and run from this impostor immediately!