The Appeal of Travel Trailers - Communing with Nature while Enjoying Creature Comforts

Most people are dreaming to leave behind the stress and the anxiety of urban life and experience the silence and wonders of nature. However, in most cases it is difficult to give up to all the comfort that the city residents are so used to: fast Internet connection, cable TV or hot water. Luckily for you, the travel campers, which can be towed by your car, represent the solution to these problems. These campers are capable of offering you the comfort of your home and still allowing you to fully enjoy the great outdoors.

Travel TrailersThe most common travel trailers are fifth wheels, pop up campers and travel trailers. There are also other specially designed models such as toy haulers, bike campers or truck campers.

The fifth wheel models are the most costly and heavier towable trailers, as they require a truck to tow them. The length of them varies from 22 feet up to 40 feet. These trailers are known as "fifth wheels" because of how they are connected to the towing vehicle. These camping trailers are highly luxurious, having various facilities like PC workstation, big LCD TV with DVD player, satellite radio or microwave oven.

Travel trailers have some resemblance with the fifth wheels, as far as the length and available space is concerned, but they are much lighter and less expensive. They are campers with hard sides, being connected to the towing vehicle with a back hitch. As these trailers are not so heavy they can be towed by sport utility vehicle or even by a minivan. Based on your available budget, they can be as comfortable and fully equipped as the fifth wheels.

Pop up campers are among the most reasonable priced campers that can be towed, having several benefits over the model with hard sides: they are lightweight, thus it is easier to be towed; smaller size, so it is not obstructing the driver's view. However the main disadvantage of these models is the longer set-up time required to install the camper.

Hence, how do you settle on the model that is perfect for you? Well, it all goes down to your allocated budget for your RV. Keep in mind that you also have to consider - along with the cost of the trailer - if your existing vehicle is powerful enough to tow the RV or you have to purchase a new vehicle. The available facilities are other factors as well.

The main appeal of travel trailers is that they give you the chance to experience the very best of the wild nature and the comfort of a city life, on condition that you buy the RV that is suitable for your needs.