The tablet had become a craze with the introduction of iPad and the frenzy continued with the launch of Apple’s iPad 2 last March 11, 2011. Apple does a very good job at market positioning and does very well at convincing people who are always after the latest technological gadget to take a look and eventually buy their latest product. So, now that the iPad 2 has been launched and consumers are going crazy to be the first ones to own the latest tablet, is it really something that you will want to own?

Let us take a look at some of those who are likely to buy an iPad 2.  Those who have hesitated to buy the original iPad may no longer think twice now.

•    iPad 2 sells at the same price as the original version.
•    It is nine times faster in terms of graphics interface, with dual core processors for faster performance.
•    The design in sleeker and iPad 2 is remarkably thinner at 8.8mm, compared to the original one which is 13.4mm thick.
•    It comes with a Smart Cover rather than a case. It is a bendable, magnetic cover that protects the glass, props the iPad 2 for typing and watching videos and will put the iPad 2 to sleep when you close the cover and wake it up when you remove it.

The latest version still has the same long battery life (10 hours and a month on standby) and the same applications with additional features like video calling, and two cameras, one at the back and a front-facing camera, a great plus for those who makes a lot of video calls. However the cameras only function to allow the person on the other end to see you through the front-facing camera and see what you are looking at with the camera mounted on the rear.

Multimedia creators will delight in the addition of iMovie and GarageBand on iPad 2 which will allow them to create their content such as video, audio and podcasts while on the road.

If you are not after the multimedia creation and video calling tools, you will want to pass and just stick to the original iPad because the rest of the apps are the same. It is easier to read e-books on iPad I than on iPad 2, particularly if you are outdoors.

Those who support open source will not be too enthusiastic about iPad 2 either. If they already have the original iPad, buying another one seems frivolous since apps for the device are proprietary and quite expensive.

And rumor is rife that Apple is gearing up for the launch of iPad 3 this fall. If that is the case, iPad 2 may just be a minor upgrade to kill competition before the launch of a full-featured tablet.