The Apple iphone

I have to admit the Apple iphone is the best cell phone I have ever owned. Over the last decade or so I have owned a fair few number of phones, many of which claimed to be cutting edge technology and the must have gadget. Some of these cell phones were good, some of them were very good but none of them were anywhere near as good as this phone, which is an amazing piece of technology that has many uses.

The Apple iphone is small, sleek and sexy and really looks the part. It is amazing that a unit this small can be so powerful and have so many features.

The Apple iphone on its own against a white backgroundCredit: yackers1



Internet surfing and web browsing

The internet is a great source of up to date and current information and having an iphone allows me to exploit this. When I am out and about and unable to get to a computer I can use my iphone to check the weather, check the sports results, read the current news headlines, check out the exchange rates, do some internet banking, find the location of popular tourist attractions and get contact numbers of restaurants amongst many other things. 

Other types of cell phone can be used for the same purpose, but it is so more enjoyable on an iphone, and not to mention easier. Safari is a great program that is fast, efficient and will get you the web pages you are after in a flash.

Listening to music

I am a self-confessed music freak and I have to admit it plays a large role in my life. I listen to music at every given opportunity, therefore the thing I need to have on my person at all times is some kind of personal music player and I have been like this ever since I was a child. I started off with personal cassette players before moving on to personal CD players, followed by personal mini disc players and then personal MP3 players

The Apple iphone and the Apple  ipod are similar in size and looks, however there are many differences between the two. The iphone has a built in MP3 player which renders the ipod useless when you are an iphone user.


An Apple iphone and an Apple ipod against a pure white backgroundCredit: yackers1

When it comes to personal MP3 players Apple have the lion share of the market and it is so easy to see why. The ipod is the pinnacle of MP3 players and no other manufacturer comes even close. There are some good MP3 players on the market produced by other manufacturers but I still prefer the ipod, which is sleek, classy stylish and so intuitive to use. 

Since owning an iphone my ipod has become redundant and seldom used. The reason for this is not because my ipod is old technology, nor because I simply don’t like my ipod any more. The iphone is effectively an ipod with a few more “bells and whistles” and is every bit as good as an MP3 player.


Organising and managing appointments and contacts

The iphone is preloaded with a contacts book and calendar, which makes organising day to day life a doodle. Some cell phone contact books and calendars are cumbersome and difficult to use and navigate around, which makes them a chore to set up and use on a daily basis. 

The contacts book and calendar on the iphone is not like this. They are very useful applications and I now find myself preferring to use the iphone for appointments over a conventional diary, which is something I thought would never happen. 

The iphone comes complete with other useful applications including a calculator and weather checker. There are also many other similarly useful applications available for download from the Apple istore, some of which you have to pay for but many of which are totally free.

Playing games

I have to admit that I am not much of a gamer, although I do like to participate in a simple game every now and again. The iphone is a fantastic bit of technology for this casual gaming and there are hundreds of games available to download for the iphone, many of which are free for the ‘lite’ or ‘short’ versions. You will have to pay for the full version of these games, although they do not cost too much. Besides, the free version is often just enough to provide some entertainment before getting bored of the game and moving on to something else.

An iphone isn't as accomplished at gaming as a dedicated machine, such as a Nintendo DS, however an iphone will mean you will always have some type of computer game to play whilst you are out and about.

  A Nintendo DS and an Apple iphone on a pure white backgroundCredit: yackers

When looking for iphone games you have to appreciate there are plenty of rubbish games, therefore it is often a case of sorting the wheat from the chaff. That said, finding a good iphone game that is playable and entertaining will not take too long.

Watching video clips

The iphone can play MP4s and be used as a video player, which ca be used to watch MP4s, Youtube clips, music videos, homemade movies and any other type of visual media you care to think of.

Here we have an Archos unit and an iphone. Since owning the iphone I have found I have started to leave my Archos unit at home more and more often.


An archos unit and an Apple iphone side by side on a pure white backgroundCredit: yackers1

I used to watch visual media on an Archos unit, however the iphone has become my gadget of choice on which to watch visuals on the go.

Reading books

There are many applications available that allows you to use the iphone as an ebook reader. When I first saw this, I thought it was a good idea but I did have my reservations and doubts. After all, how can reading a book on such a small screen be comfortable and enjoyable? Despite my doubts I downloaded a free ebook reader application and loaded it on the iphone. The results were superb and I was surprised just how good using the iphone as an ebook reader actually is. What’s more, adding and removing ebooks is so easy.

My wife uses the Sony PRS ebook reader, and whilst it is a fantastic machine (far better than the Kindle) it is quite big and bulky compare to the iphone. With the Stanza ebook application (which is totally free) I can turn my iphone in to an ebook reader that allows me to carry my entire library around with me at all times. Despite the small screen on the iphone it makes a very good ebook reader when combined with the Stanza application. 

The Sony PRS ebook readerCredit: yackers1

I have tried a few ebook reader applications for the iphone and, in my opinion, the best one is from Stanza. The Stanza ebook reader application is tried and tested, i.e. it is bug free and works all the time, it is easy to use and it is free of charge, which is always a good thing.

A satellite navigation system

The iphone has a built in GPS receiver, which makes it great as a satellite navigation system. There are many different satellite navigations apps, some of which you have to pay for and some of which are free, which means there is a lot of choice. 
My first satellite navigation system was a TomTom and I have never owned any other type of turn by turn satellite navigation system. TomTom has developed its own app for the iphone and since I am a long term TomTom user and know how the interface works I thought the TomTom satellite navigation system would be best. TomTom for iphone is not free, in fact it is one of the more expensive ones but I am very happy with it as it works perfectly. Besides, “Jane” has become my driving companion and I would be lost without her. 
The iphone has a smaller screen than the TomTom unit, however it is more than big enough to see where you are going and what your next turning or street is going to be. There were times when I thought the TomTom unit’s screen was a bit large and obtrusive, which affected my vision, however I have never had any complaints with the TomTom for iphone. 
The TomTom for iphone has become my satellite navigation system of choice and I now find my TomTom unit has become redundant and spends more time in its case than suckered on to my windscreen. Using the iphone as a satellite navigation system does drain a lot of battery from the iphone so a car charger is a must have accessory as well.
The TomTom One has been my satellite navigation system of choice for many years, however since I have owned an phone I have been drawn in to using the iphone, with its built in GPS, as my satellite navigation system. Despite changing the hardware I have remained true to TomTom and stuck with their software, which is brilliant.
Apple iphone and TomTom One together on a pure white backgroundCredit: yackers1

In conclusion

Owning an iphone has meant that instead of having to carry around several different gadgets I now only need to carry around one, which is of course the iphone itself. I no longer need to carry a separate MP3 player, a separate MP4 player and photo viewer, a separate gaming device, a separate ebook reader or separate satellite navigation system. I used to worry about carrying all my gadgets for fear of losing them, damaging them, having to store them and having to protect them from potential thieves.

Below are the number of separate number of gadgets that my iphone replaces. I use my iphone to read books, surf the net, play games, listen to music, as a satellite navigation system and as a cycle computer amongst other things. Did I mention that I also use my iphone to actually make telephone calls and speak to people?

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