A crying infant can keep you up much of the night. You may be temped to have your baby sleep in your bed. Increased rest for you both right? Seems like an easy decision to make. However, thoughts of rolling over your baby may make the decision a bit more involved. In the difficult debate to either co-sleep (share the bed with your infant) or put the little one in his or her crib, what is the best thing to do? With moms and dads on both sides of the crib of this impassioned discussion, one thing is certain-there are no easy answers. Moms and dads ought to debate the pros and cons of sharing their bed with the little one and then decide what's fitting for all involved.

We'll begin by exploring the potential risks. Here are several cons for sharing your bed with your infant:

1. Short-term answer might bring about a future issue. The Mayo Clinic states that "bed sharing" makes it difficult for young children to get to sleep on their own. So while you might be temporarily relieved to get your baby asleep quickly, you could have problems later on with getting them contented in their crib.

2. Increase possible risks. Even though the danger of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS is controversial, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that parents pass up sharing their bed with their babies. In fact, they 'advise against having newborns sleep in grown up beds period.

3. Decreased closeness with partner. You might feel closer to your little one but less so with your partner since you in fact may be laying the little one in between you. Of course, getting physically close to your partner will be harder if you share the bed with a newborn.

If you elect not to share your bed with your baby but are still having trouble getting him or her to sleep, you could try other sleep strategies like letting your little one to cry him or herself to sleep, come up with a bedtime ritual or try the Ferber sleep technique. This requires putting your baby to sleep even though they are still wakeful but sleepy. You could also put the crib very near you to reduce the aggravation of getting up and walking to the nursery.

Following I've listed several of the pros for sharing your bed with baby:

1. More bonding time. Bonding time with your baby is improved when your little dear shares the bed with you.*

2. It's easier. For mothers who breastfeed, having the baby near offers a higher level of convenience.

3. It is reassuring for baby. Infants who sleep with parents potentially sleep deeper and fuss less.

In the end, whether or not to go to bed with your baby in the same bed is your call. If knowing the benefits of lying down with baby makes you want to go for it, then remember to be as safety-conscious as you can by considering these tips: make sure to put your little one on her or his back, do not imbibe alcohol or take medicine that will make you drowsy, and create sufficient barriers, such as two adults, and not pillows, to avoid baby from falling off the bed.