Let’s not forget our lesson in part 1 of this series, running feeds the points. If you keep working to beat your opponent to high percentage scoring spots on the court you’ll not only John WoodenCredit: google.com/imagesadd points to your stats but defending you will be very laborious. You’ll accomplish this with fitness or athleticism, sharp offensive skills, and most importantly determination. Also help yourself with a focused philosophy to take high percentage shots, staying off the bench, and not forgetting about the other stats which also help you boost your points. Lastly, remember out golden rule which we learned from Coach John Wooden which is to only worry about how great you can be. Don’t worry about how others are doing, that can distract you. Running smart is the key to our next method which is your defender and what he’s giving you.

 Scoring Method Number Two

 Knowing your defender will help map out your movement on the court. The goal here is to understand the weaknesses of your defender then use your movements without the ball to get to a high percentage scoring spot. Whether you’re competing in a pick up game or an organized game your defender’s weaknesses will tell you exactly how to score but it’s up to you to recognize those opportunities and take advantage of them. Here are some opportunities that you’re defender will give you during the course of the game.


  1. Most defenders are not well coached and in certain points in the game they’ll take their eyes off you. When you see this opportunity, run straight to the basket for a high scoring opportunity. By the time your defender realizes where you are you’ll be scoring a layup and his only option will be to foul you. So, make your defender pay for taking his eyes off you with a backdoor move. With better defenders this opportunity will be available less.
  2. Poor defenders chase offensive player that continuously move. If you notice that your defender is chasing you and has trouble staying between you and the basket life is good. Continues to beat him to those high percentage spots you like with smart footwork.
  3. Defenders not in defensive stance are vulnerable to quick moves to the basket. If you see an opportunity where your defender is standing straight up move smart and Chris MullinCredit: www.google.com/imagesbackdoor or cut to the basket for a layup.

 If you are more of a visual learner find all the video you can on Chris Mullin. He is a great example of someone whose moves were very efficient and he also took advantage of defenders poor by moving smart. Although he was an élite shooter in the NBA he was also a slow white guy playing against great athlete and he still managed to score 25 points a game. Study his movements and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

 Check the last scoring method in my next article.