Tie Dye Roses: A Simple Craft Project

Tie dyed roses are not just for individuals who are hippies at heart. Those who are very conservative can take pleasure in this fun activity. Tie dying a rose is a more complex then simply splashing dye onto rose petals. The dye must be fed via the stems into the petals. In order to get the best results, begin the project with fresh white roses. Tie dying can be carried out on fresh cut flowers as well as roses that are still planted; however, the project will slightly vary when fresh cut flowers are used.

To successfully execute the project you will need a bush with white roses that is still planted, hypodermic needles and food coloring. Check your local craft or grocer for these products. Please note that you will need a needle for each color that you plan to use.

Below are some guidelines for you to follow in order to get the best results from your roses:

• Fill each hypodermic needles with a different food coloring. In the event that you need to combine two colors to produce a new shade, blend them in a container and put the blended color in the hypodermic needle afterwards.

• Hold the stem of the first rose and put the tip of the needle carefully into the stem of the flower at approximately 5 to 6 inches from its base. Then inject the dye into the flower.

• Put another hypodermic needle into the same stem but in a different place; ensure that you do not put the tip of the new needle into the hole that was previously made by the first needle. You will need to create a new hole; however, it must be kept 5 to 6 inches from the flower's base as well. Repeat the process of injecting the colors into the stem until you have used them all up.

• Allow one week for the effect of the tie dye to be visible in your rose pedals.  

Fresh cute roses can be tie dyed as well. Rather than simply injecting food coloring, you will have to insert a combination of coloring and water to feed the roses. To make this mixture:

• Add to a glass of water to just a few ounces of the food coloring that you wish to use.

• Cut the base of the stems into four parts by using a razor.

• Put each piece of the stem in a glass of colored water; the dyed water will be absorbed by each portion of the stem.

• Allow 24 hours to start seeing the changes in the roses. Subsequent to the 24 hours, take away the rose from the mixture and take out the cut segment of the stem.

For this project, avoid using dyes that are designed for hair or clothing as there are several harsh chemicals in these dyes that will cause harm to the roses.