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For the transgender woman

     Transgender Women get asked awkward questions all the time about their gender identity from all kinds of people. How do you get them to stop asking you questions and just leave you alone? You know the type, people like guys who are hitting on you at a bar and there advances are unwanted.  They want to know your surgery status, your sexual history and what you are into.  Others like people who are standing right in front you, at your front door or on the street in the middle of a lovely Saturday afternoon.  You want them to go away but you don’t know what to do. Yelling at them won’t work, they are used to it. Being nice wont work, they just stay longer. Giving them what they want won’t work, they just ask for more. Before you know it you have two strangers in your living room preaching to you or you stuck in the bar with a cling-on. Here are some perfects ways to get people to stop talking to you.


People you meet:


  • Put a look of horror and disgust on your face. Practice in the mirror to get the best look. Try to look disgusted, shocked and horrified all at the same time. Throw the grimace at them and just stand there until they get frustrated and walk away.  Homeless people bothering you, unexpected religious greetings at your front door stand there with a grimace on your face. Do not respond to anything they say just stand there looking at them with the grimace. They might get angry or laugh and say mean things, but in the end they will just walk away.
  • Practice talking in your lowest harshest voice in front of the mirror while you’re practicing your face. When people are bothering you answer their question with your face and the harshest possible voice as loud as possible. Thrusting your face forward as you do it. You have to not mind that people will think you’re a little crazy, but if they do then you are more likely to be left alone. For example, “You want a Dollar!! I’ll give you a Dollar!!!!!”
  • Use your friends to help keep people away from you if they are available. This works particularly well in a bar or club situation. Get your friends to form a circle around you to block any unwanted attention. If they cannot get near you in a club they cannot bother you.  However some people are very persistent and you might have to maintain this friend formation for quite some time.


People you Text:


  • Whatever they text you, just type LOL. No matter what they say or how they say it just type in LOL. After a few texts they will get annoyed with your answers and stop texting you.  This seems to work in almost every conversation situation.


People on Facebook or Google +


  • Use the block features for your social media sites! I cannot stress this enough, you can avoid a lot of time and bad feelings if you simply block someone who is bothering you or you do not like. Why bother spending a lot of time and effort arguing with people who don’t really matter, just use the block feature and get on with your day.

     There is a lot of pitfalls in life for a transgender woman. People are going to be intrigued, fascinated, outraged and upset by you. So learning how to avoid people and their negativity is a very handy skill to know.  Your life will be a lot smoother free of conflicts and irritations. So ignore them, block them, and give them the disgusted face. Sure enough they will get the hint and leave your alone to your transgender fabulousness.