The art of gift giving seems to come easy to some people. They are able to choose just the right gift for every occasion. while many people find that gift giving is very stressful.

When it comes to giving gifts for Christmas the stress can come from many sources. Many people are unemployed, suffering from illness, or far away at Christmas time. There are many factors that add to the stress and dealing with them makes gift giving low on the list of things to do.

There are many ways to easy the burden and to pick the right gift for each individual on your list. For some these ideas may not be practical, for others they may seem impossible but if you give it a little thought it is amazing what you can accomplish.

Let's start with the obvious, buy early. Start your buying in the summer at the crafts shows. I used to think that crafts shows were only in the Midwest but I know that people every where do crafts. what to look for at the craft shows is easy. How many times have you said "Oh that would be a great gift for Henry, or Henrietta, or maybe it was something that you said "I bet Mary could use that." I know I have heard it many times as I walk around the shows.

Sales don't only happen at Christmas. all the major stores hold sales all year long. If you can afford to pay the whole price put it on layaway. On layaway you have time to accumulate the money and pick it up later.

Take the time to be creative. I remember when I was a kid i didn't have money for presents and so I made them. Not everyone is gifted enough to make things but they know someone who is. Why not offer to trade what you can do for what they can do. Better yet get them to teach you. Check with your local extension office for classes to learn how to make things, cook things, learn things. There are many resources that you can use for free.

Mking Cookies

Some people are good cooks, others are great bakers. You may consider the older folks on your list have everything they need so why not give them food instead. Nothing taste better than homemade. It is a great way to get children involved so that they too can give something they baked. Grandmothers and fathers don't really care what it looks like or how it taste it is the idea that puts the smile on their face.

the joy of receiving

The news reports said that 10 percent of the people shopping on Black Friday did so on line. Buying on line for gifts has several advantages. Many of the stores offer free shipping. You can have things mailed directly to people and save the hassle of wrapping and sending your self. of course the draw back is you will need a credit card or a paypal account to use the Internet. The good news is you can shop many stores without leaving home. You can also shop on line and pick up local, or look on line and then shop local where you can get it the cheapest.'

Sharing the News

So let the season be merry and the fun begin, make your gift giving a happy time and leave the stress behind