How to Date a Woman

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I believe dating a woman is an art or a skill that men can master. I discuss how to perfect your act when it comes to dating or going out with a woman. It’s easier than you think it is; believe me when I say this!

This guide is meant to help you understand the female gender and how to completely win a woman over. It’s understandable that men think getting into the mind of a woman is a mystery. Men and women differ in so many ways that it’s difficult for many of us to really grasp how to get inside the mind of the opposite sex.

Understanding the differences between the sexes will help give you a better foundation on which to build your knowledge of women. Once you can get inside her mind, it’s all effortless from there.

So, how can you get into the mind of a woman?

  • Communication is key: This is of utmost importance when dating a woman. Effective communication is central to getting to know a woman, her desires, her goals, the things she loves as well as the things she hates. This will help you significantly when it comes to pleasing her, so don’t think that getting to know your woman is a useless, arduous task of learning a bunch of worthless information. Communication, as we all know, is a two-way thing. A man must find a way to communicate to his woman and get her involved in the act (so she can reveal some important details about herself).
  • Take your time: Being patient while dating a woman would go a long way to prove your honourable intentions. Being in a hurry will only portray you as a player who just wants to take advantage of your woman. So, while taking time to know your woman, take it slow. Women want a man to take his time; women want a man to prove his honourable intentions and not just rush in for the wedding ring. If you ask me, some women like to play hard to get, you just have to be patient to win them over.
  • Be romantic: Women, whether old or young, like to feel special. You can only make a woman feel special by being romantic; treating a woman right and proving that you care. If you’re romantic, you won’t have a hard time getting into the mind of your woman. Being romantic just for romance sake (without recourse to a special occasion) is a sure winner any day! The most important thing is to discover what she finds or considers romantic (through your communication) and do your best to create that for her. It could be just a visit to the park for the two of you or eating a candle-lit dinner at her favourite restaurant. Make sure you find out what she likes and try to please her by creating it. One thing I would say at this juncture is women are an emotional lot; if you know how to play your cards well, you’ll easily get a woman by positively exploiting her emotions. Secondly, simple things please women; I know this would surprise you. When you're thinking of pleasing her by taking her to the most expensive restaurant in town, she opts for a low-key one (which is her favourite). The trick here is to know what she wants (by finding out), so, you don't end up displeasing her when you intend the opposite.How to Date a WomanCredit:

Skills Men Need for Successful Dating

  • Build confidence when dating women: When it comes to dating a woman, confidence is vital. Women often see a confident man as someone with the ability to succeed. While many men believe that women look for successful men because they’re likely to make more money, that’s simply not true. No woman wants to go out with a timid man; girls are raised by strong fathers and if it’s time to move away from the control of her father, she needs a strong man and not a weakling!
  • Present her a strong reality: Along the lines of being confident, I’d like to say guys should present a strong reality to women they’re dating. Women are by nature very sensitive and when you’re communicating with them, they get the hues and tones and even get to know you more from what is unsaid. So, present a strong reality to her. Even if you’re struggling financially, present an aspect of you that will no doubt bowl her over. That is what brands do. They come up with all sorts of concepts and sell themselves to the point that we buy into those concepts. We see them as what they portray themselves to be. As a guy looking for a regular date, you also have to come up with a strong reality as brands do. And sell yourself to your woman to the point that she buys into it. If you do this right, you’ll go from just an accounts clerk to a philosopher who can propound and defend theories that negate popular beliefs.
  • Don’t fake it: Women can smell a liar miles off so fake nothing in your bid to impress your woman. Just be yourself. Try not to dress, walk or talk to impress, a woman won’t be comfortable with that. Just be comfortable with yourself and she’s sure to accept you the way you are. What I’m saying in essence is, be real, be yourself! It pays to be! If you ever attempt to fake it, your body language would give you away. When you are confident your body relaxes, becomes more open, you lean in, you smile, and you become livelier. When you are tense or not at ease with yourself, you will be sitting back, crossing your legs, maybe your arms, your mouth will barely break a smile, and your eyes will be searching everywhere in the room. You won’t be able to look your woman in the face while talking and for me, that is real proof that you’re a fake! You should be able to look me in the face whenever you’re talking; I want to make eye contact; I want to see through you. And I know most women are like that.
  • Be sensitive and humorous: Humour is a sure way to get a woman to like you and want to get closer to you. At least, I know my husband used that to attract me when we were still dating. Once you get a woman attracted, you have to show sensitivity to keep her attracted on a daily basis. Sensitivity basically means being aware of what is happening around you; being aware of a woman’s needs and being there to provide it. For instance, we’ve all watched films in which a guy and a girl are together and the weather starts to get cloudy, it begins to drizzle and the guy offers the girl his coat, despite his own need to keep warm. In this instance, the guy becomes aware of the girl’s need, offers a solution by sacrificing his own comfort! That is the kind of sensitivity women can relate with!
  • Your attitude matters: Having a positive attitude is vital to getting a woman to like you. Have you ever been around a friend who always whined and complained? Chances are you won’t always want to be in such company. It’s the same with a woman; when a woman notices you have a negative attitude, she’ll most likely steer clear of you. And the reason is not far-fetched: You have to feel good before you can make anyone else feel good. You have to radiate the same kinds of feelings you want to receive. If you’re not giving off those positive vibes women won’t want to be in your company.

Summary and Action TakeAway

Dating women is easy if you know what to do. The tips above would help you but only if you apply them. Apply them and begin to experience dating success!