ribbon embroideryCredit: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2664/3728773073_2de7d2a80c_m.jpg

If you're into embroidery, you certainly know that hand embroidery is the oldest embroidery recognized in this industry. It was applied in the ancient times as designs in tapestries and in lady’s samplers. A lot of hand embroidery projects are applied to decorate pillowcases, table runners, wall hangings and quilts. And there are numerous types of hand embroidery and among them is ribbon embroidery.

Ribbon embroidery is essentially made using ribbon instead of the standard six-thread string. Most ribbon embroiderers utilize silk ribbon or by combining silk and organza ribbon. Being practiced for years, this sort of embroidery is regarded as the most refined hand embroidery. Ribbon embroidery projects are also believed to exude a particular level of antique and romantic quality; thus, this is called the most romantic form of embroidery.


Acquiring the Basics of Ribbon Embroidery

If you're new to this sort of embroidery craft, you must first learn the basics;

• Fabric – this is crucial since it’s where you're going to stitch on

• Needle – you need a wide eye needle which can fit the ribbon you're using

• Ribbon – pick out the kind and type of ribbon that absolutely suits the project you're working on

• Your own feel of adventure – yes, this is significant. You shouldn't be afraid to try variants of the designs and stitching modes. Who knows, you can discover new stitches and techniques.

One of the basic principle of ribbon embroidery that you have to acquaint yourself are the materials, supplies and techniques used in a project;

• Stitches – there are several stitches applied in ribbon embroidery in order to produce designs

• Chenille – this is the needle used in ribbon embroidery

• Silk – for the most part, ribbon embroidery is done using silk fabrics

In making your project, you it is called for to know the various styles of ribbon embroidery that you might chance upon along the way. These are as follows;

• Woven rose

• French knot

• Fly stitch

• Feather stitch

• Fly stitch fern

• Couching stitch

• Lazy daisy

• Looped petal flower

• Straight stitch

• Split stitch

• Stem stitch rose

• Japanese ribbon stitch

Most of the stitches mentioned are instructed to beginners so you will be able to surely do them even if you are a beginner on this kind of embroidery. You just need somebody to tell you how to do it the right way. If you don’t have someone, then you can always search step by step guides on how to do it or tutorials.