Shaving Cream
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     You have woken again groggy from the deep sleep you just enjoyed and you are staggering towards the bathroom. Flicking on the light, your eyes take a few seconds to adjust to the jolt and you begin to focus in on the face you have seen every day of your life. But wait, suddenly you start to notice...Hair! Facial hair has begin to bud due to your testosterone treatments! The first sprigs of manhood proudly displaying themselves for all to see.  So what now? Let the few hairs you now have grow into something from someone in The Karate Kid or are you going to start shaving. Showing your mastery over the ever budding hairs growing on your face. Encouraging them to grow in faster and thicker with each shave. Welcome Gentlemen, to the Art of Shaving!

  • As a transwoman who was trapped in a male body for a great number of years, my first piece of advice when it comes to shaving is to get an electric razor, and one of quality. They are fast, efficient and give an incredibly close shave.  They are clean and will do a spectacular job. However if you insist in using a razor and some type of shaving cream then please continue reading.
  • Find out what skin type you are right away. Chance are when you are first starting out that you have sensitive skin when it comes to shaving so make sure you get the right type of shaving cream for you. There are many kinds and a lot to choose from for sensitive skin.
  • Pick your razor carefully. Do not go out and just buy the cheap pink ones you used to use to shave your legs. They will rip your face apart and lead you down the road to ingrown hairs.  Spend a little money on a good razor, there are many to choose from and if you have any questions ask the people in the store to help you out. You probably will not need a four bladed razor right away but don't go so far as to choose a single blade.
  • Before shaving wash your face, that will moisturize the hairs and make them softer and easier to shave. It will also help the shaving cream to foam up so you will not have to use as much. It will also help the blade slide smoothly over your skin.
  • Shake the can of shaving cream and then spray a small amount on the palm of your hand. A little goes a long way.
  • Now take the razor and carefully pull is across your skin, do not push down on it , just let it glide across. Then rinse the razor and do it again for all areas of your face.  Take your time and practice to see what feels best for you. Some guys like to shave against the grain and some with. You will find out your preferences as you go along.
  • If you cut yourself shaving you can just use a little bit of toilet paper and dap it onto the cut and leave it there. After a few minutes the paper will dry up and the bleeding will have stopped. You can then carefully remove the toilet paper and there should be no more bleeding.
  • When you have finished rinse your face and let it air dry. Do not apply aftershave immediately unless you want to feel the burn. Give your skin a few minutes to recover from shaving before you put on just a little bit of aftershave. As with the shaving cream, a little goes a long way.

      So there you are, basic shaving and now you are all done. How did it feel? Do you like the ritual of shaving in the morning or are you even going to shave at all? Some guys just use a razor to shape their facial hair, you may find you like that better. So experiment, try different shaving methods and see what techniques you like. Welcome to the male ritual of shaving!

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