The Article Optimizer is a premium SEO content tool that performs free and accurate content analysis for writers, internet marketers and web masters. Writing quality articles takes time and can require some patience when it comes to finding the right blend of concepts, keywords and rich media like images and video. 

Article Optimizer Main LogoCredit: Zack Proser

What is it? 

Developed and supported by a long-time Infobarrel writer, the Article Optimizer aims to make it easier than ever before to create superior content that adheres to a higher standard.

Keyword Optimization

You can use it to determine the density of your article's keywords, detect major concepts that search engines are likely to see when they crawl your writing, and find beautiful images that photographers from around the world have made available for public use. 

The Article Optimizer can even detect when a particular keyword occurs too frequently within your copywriting and is at risk of being penalized by search engines for "keyword stuffing". 

The tool is created around the principle that it's better to create a lesser quantity of very high quality content than it is to flood the web with spammy and low quality copy stuffed with keywords. 

Keyword Suggestion

The keyword suggestion segment can be especially useful for those writers experience transient writer's block - when you're stuck on an article that you can't quite seem to finish and you're not sure how to proceed, getting a list of high quality keywords based on your subject matter can be just the prod you need to finish out your piece. 

Keyword suggestions also give you a good sense of how other writers and experts in your niche think of your topic - and how you should frame your writing in order to attract a larger audience. 

Earnings Projections

Based off of years of writing and content development experience and collected data, the tool can also predict the monthly earnings your copywriting is likely to net, broken out over the next sixth months. 

Copyright Free Images

Successful online copywriters and internet marketers know that the key to creating rich and engaging content is high quality media such as photographs, diagrams and videos. 

However, finding medium and large high resolution photos that are a good fit for your subject matter is often difficult - sometimes you can find images that are beautiful and on-target only to realize that they are stock photos that are going to cost you around $18 a pop. 

Specifically to address this problem, the Article Optimizer tool is designed to grab up high quality, high resolution beautiful images and pre-filter them before delivering them to the writer. Only those pictures that have been approved by their creators for sharing and creative use are displayed, and the tool makes it very easy to grab the links to these images quickly so you can insert them in your content and keep on moving. 

How to Use the Tool

It's a piece of cake: just paste your content in the box and click the Optimize button. You'll be given a fully customized analysis report run on your content. The report is permanent so you can share it with friends or clients that you are writing for.