Audiovox is a widely known consumer electronics company that manufactures affordable in-car entertainment devices as well as portable media players. Over the years they've acquired popular brands like RCA and Jensen and will often sell products under various brand names like Energizer and FlashLogic. Their 9 inch LCD portable DVD player, the DS9106PK, is an affordable product that provides users the ability to watch 6 hours of content on the road, on the deck or at the beach. Whether you want something for personal use or something that'll keep the kids quiet on the way to Six Flags, this device will keep the entertainment going for a long time. You can find it being sold by itself or with extra accessories over on Amazon.

audiovox ds9106pk portable dvd playerCredit: amazon

The Accessories

If you want more value for your buck, the DS9106PK comes with a carrying case, two headphones, A/V cables, remote control, AC adapter and a car adapter. With the added accessories and the low price, this Audiovox portable DVD player competes with higher-end models like the DVP-FX970 from Sony. Being able to share the 9 inch swivel screen with another thanks to two headphone jacks is another plus. The carrying case doubles as a headrest mount so the kids will be able to view without it sitting on their laps - great if you have toddlers. And popular reviews on Amazon mainly come from the affordable pricing and the accessories included.


Along with DVD and CD discs, you'll be able to plug in a USB device offering more entertainment value. And although the picture quality from the LCD screen is good, some customers believe the sound could be better (you can enjoy better sound from the headphones). The style won't win any fashion awards, but unless you plan on walking down the runway with this item, it'll suffice. And if purchasing for a child, Amazon has extra warranty programs that'll cover drops, spills, and general hardware defects. Great if you have toddlers and are still a little wary of dedicating this device for child entertainment on road trips (you can find cheap Audiovox overhead DVD players if the kids aren't ready for their own player).


Not too many complaints on defective units so far on this device, but that isn't to say there are none at all. Some have complained about the battery charge not lasting as it's advertised. But those complaints are few and far between suggesting they just happened to receive a bad product. Often times, when it comes to consumer electronics (especially the cheaper priced ones), you'll every now and then receive a defect. But that's nothing a good warranty program can't solve.

What's lacking?

Audiovox has been in the business of keeping people entertained while on the road for a long time. So with time comes experience, and with experience trust is earned. Still though, a decent warranty program is lacking from the company. It's only a 90 day warranty which is why buying from Amazon and adding one of their SquareTrade extended warranty programs to your cart might calm the concerns of those who often receive defective units. Still though, their portable DVD player generally receive high ratings from customers suggesting that more than likely you'll be fine.