Throughout the years, there have been authors, writers and poets that emerged. But most of their creations have been forgotten in our current period due to the number of other writings being published. In the past, a person with great talent in music or composing can be easily recognized because there was less of their kind.  Of this small number, the Champs Elysees lyrics have become one of the most beautiful pieces of French literature and songwriting. To understand the meaning that it conveys, one should understand the author who is behind it.

The author of this great product of literature is named Joseph Ira Dassin. He was born on November 5, 1938 in New York City to a film director and a violinist. Perhaps, this is where his artistic talents and his immense interest in the international scene were conceived. This may also be the reason that prompted him to write the famous Champs Elysees lyrics. He with his family moved to Europe when he was 12 and this is where he finished schooling. He began to study music in the said continent and eventually signed up to CBS as the first American to record a French song. Later, he married a French woman and had two sons. This made him more attached to French influences and culture. He is very much known in the 60’s and 70’s through his world class French songs. This made him famous also in the entire world. Some of his best compositions are Champs Elysees lyrics, Marie Jeanne, Et sit u n existais pas and whole lot more in his collection. Even if he is an American, he is surprisingly well versed in French and loved the language truly and purely.

His greatest creation, Champs Elysees, is inspired by his deep and seated belief in the beauty of life. There are times in his life that he was very depressed. Despite this, he still truly and deeply believed that life is perfect and wonderful. This is very much reflected in the Champs Elysees lyrics and can be used as a principle in our modern day living, where one loses the faith in life and trusting the perfection in living. The lyrics is written based on a perspective of a poor couple, looking at the most famous and richest streets in Paris, the Champ Elysees. The couple loved the street even thought they don’t have everything or anything. What they just possess is the desire to continue with life, where they are happily together.

The song echoes the love of this couple through rain or shine, darkness or hail and in any situation, even though there are difficulties that they have to deal with everyday. Their understanding on how beautiful life can be triumphed over these misfortunes. For each of them, nothing could be more beautiful than simply being with his or her beloved partner. The Champs Elysees verbalized the wonderful French feeling of true, sincere and timeless love. If there is anything great that Joe Dassin left us, it would be this song that talks about the sincerity of life. Throughout the years, this song has withstood the test of time and continued to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest.