The Avengers: Hawkeye

Hawkeye of the Avengers

On May 4, 2012 the long-awaited Avengers movie will finally be released. This movie is long time in the making. Before the movie was released Marvel entertainment decided to create a series of prequels to increase anticipation for this movie. They created to Iron Man movies, a Captain America movie, the Incredible Hulk movie and the movie about Thor.

That series of prequels took care of four of the six characters that were planned to be the initial Avengers group of superheroes. The remaining two characters were introduced in cameo appearances in other movies. The black widow was introduced in the second Iron Man movie and the character of Hawkeye had a small part in the Thor movie, being played in that movie and the upcoming Avengers film by critically acclaimed actor Jeremy Renner.


Who is Hawkeye: The early history of the Avenger

But who is this Hawkeye?  How can a character who’s claim to fame seems to be shooting a bow, compare to some of these great heroes.  In this article I will discuss the comic book version of Hawkeye. (Since his character has barely been touched in the movie version of the Avengers movies).

Hawkeyes real name is Clint Barton. While the characters who have participated in the Avengers has been a revolving door since the early 1960s when they were first formed Hawkeye has been an avenger ever since the day he first joined in the mid-1960s. This makes his character and Avengers stalwart.

As a young boy Hawkeye's parents were killed in a car accident. Soon after the young Clint Barton runs away and joins the circus. Is quickly found out that he has a natural affinity for archery and he is trained to become a master archer for the circus. Nearing adulthood he catches one of his mentors embezzling money and he is is beaten and left for dead.

After time he falls in love with a Soviet spy Black Widow enjoys her in trying to steal technological secrets from Iron Man. In one instance Black Widow is seriously hurt and leaves Hawkeye. At this point Hawkeye makes a decision to change his life for the better and dedicate himself to doing good. This soon leads him to join the Avengers.

His time with the Avengers but sometimes a bumpy ride. Hawkeye does not like authority at times bucks against various leaders of the Avengers.  But he stays the course ends up being the one character who stays with the Avengers for the longest unbroken period.

The Hawkeye of the movies

The history of the movie version of Hawkeye has not been clarified. From his short scene in the Thor movie, he seems to be working as an agent of SHIELD. His connection to this organization still remains unclear, as does his attachment to the Black Widow.

Hawkeye toys and collectibles

There is a lot of buzz about Hawkeye toys and collectibles.  Hawkeye has been a mainstay of the Avengers in 1965. He has always been a popular character but not so popular as to gain breakaway started on and keep his own, comic book series going for an extended length of time.

Since the avengers movies, and likely subsequent sequels and maybe even a solo movie for Hawkeye will increase prominence to the general public is a sure thing that owns memorabilia, toys and collectibles become much more popular. This is something that a lot of collectors are thinking about these days when it comes to Avengers Toys. Many of the collectibles specifically are limited run series, so the Hawkeye characters from these limited run series which may not have been super popular in the past major may skyrocket in popularity and drastically increase in price in the future.

Hawkeyes weapons

Since Hawkeye is a master archer is obvious that his main weapon will be a bow. But he shoots a lot more than about. Hawkeyes known have all sorts of special arrows for different situations. Errors with grappling hooks, sonic arrows, exploding arrows and all other sorts of arrow mayhem.

Hawkeyes Special Abilities and superpowers

The whole point of Hawkeye is that he doesn't really have ANY special abilities. Hawkeyes is trained to the very outer edge of human conditioning>  He is a great fencer as well as being the greatest archer alive. He grew up in a circus and was trined in all sorts of gymnastics, tumbling and acrobatics. He has also been trained in tactics, martial arts and all sort of open handed fighting techniques. Really it takes a special sort of man to fight supervillians with nothing more than tights, a bow and a bag of arrows.

Why is Hawkeye interesting?

For some people the thought of having an archer as a character in the avengers is silly. After all is to have a gun of boat arrow competing with a God, an enormous green rage monster, a biologically engineered superhuman and technologically superior man in a super power suit. The special arrows give Hawkeye some edge, but still I will admit, there is no way he could seriously go head-to-head with many of the other Avengers.

But that is what make him interesting. Where many of these characters have special powers given to them externally Hawkeyes Powers all come from his own practice skill and dedication. He is only able to do what he does through years of practice, skill and dedication. Not because he drank a serum, got irradiated with gamma rays, carries a magical number or created an Iron Man suit. No, Hawkeye comes by his skills the honest way, he works for them and practices. His frailty and ultimate human nature making for more interesting character than any of the super powered Avengers, and while they may have some incredible skills and powers, they still need him, for there are skills and abilities he has that they do not. Initially Hawkeye may rebel against authority but in the long run is a perfect example of the power of teamwork and combined to gather to affect the ultimate desired goal and outcome.

Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner