Bunk beds for kids consist of two beds positioned so that one is above the other. The frame that holds them together is built such that two mattresses are joined together to become one. Because they allow two beds to take up the floor space of only one bed, they conserve room and parents like them because of their functionality.

Some parents have made use of the bunk beds for kids to serve other purposes. While it remains to be the same comfortable bed for their children, other innovative designs have been added for increased functionality. For example, there are bunks with study tables built into one end of the bed. There are also ones with lights installed, so that children can read books in bed. Lastly, some include drawers on the side of the lower bed, allowing children to place personal items, like clothes, shoes, or toys. 

Bunk Beds for Kids
Credit: di_the_huntress

There are more innovations that you will find in some beds. Others have made the drawers in the bottom bed to be equal in height of a conventional twin mattress so that it can be turned into a pull out bed instead of just serving a simple drawer. You can place a third mattress within it and create an extra bed. This third bed may likely be a convenience for the occasional visitor during sleepovers.

This design for children’s bunk beds also add beauty to the entire kids’ room making it an additional design that soothes the eye of the beholder. The orientation of the bed should perfectly match the size and style of the room.

Children’s bunk beds however have some little concerns that parents need to be aware of.  There are some precautionary measures that we need to consider before allowing your kids to jump on it.  These measures are necessary especially looking at the kid sleeping on top portion.  Make sure the railings on the upper bed are properly configured so that it will have less chance of allowing a child to fall down while asleep. The rungs of the ladder, if there is one, should also be checked that it is strong enough to withstand active kids’ movement, especially at play. 

How to Buy a Bunk

Buy a bed from the most reliable furniture supplier in the local area, which is usually a department store. Take precautionary measures to be certain that these beds are fit for children and are within range of your budget.