This post is again inspired from, but instead of aiming at Blogging, I want the method he makes and apply here it to InfoBarrel.

So we know when people come across yout article,  you have literally a moment to gain their attention and interest before you might lose them.

Two great ways of doing this that you probably ARE doing:

1. Is that are giving your article a really great headline.

(For more on how to create a great article title please check my article here.)

2 Making your content instantly more appealing.

(By adding images, readjusting the font etc. for more on this please check my article here)

But the one thing that Derek points out though is that a really effective method for 'drawing readers into your content' is what most bloggers (and definitely from what I have seen InfoBarrelers) don't do.

Well ever since Chezfat's great article on images, InfoBarrel members are (and should be) lapping up images, by adding them to their content for many reasons such as making the content more appealing, adding more monetized pages to InfoBarrel.

Chezfat advises them to do a whole host of brilliant things to do to their images, but he has missed one thing to advise ...

But what Derek gets and points out in his post on with the post 'The Biggest Mistake Every Blogger Makes (And how to Avoid it)' is that when "people spot images, their eyes naturally drift down".

Therefore the big mistake is that no one on InfoBarrel is using captions!

As pointed out in the post, Drew Eric Whitman states in Ca$hvertising: "studies have shown that up to twice as many people read captions as body copy."

Hence by not placing an cool  and interesting caption under your image, perhaps they won't read one bit of your entire article.

"Heck they might not even read your first sentence!"

However, you are faced with a problem.

How can you actually put captions on InfoBarrel, when there is no real viable options.

Well luck for you...

someone has just the answer in this forum post.

I hope to justify billgchambers in his response to my question.

Simply follow these steps:

1. Find and save the image ( with no implications of Copyright implications, and you can readjust the size etc.)

2. Past the image into the program Paint (I don't own a Mac but I am sure there must be some similar program) then use the text feature, place it under the image and write the caption out.

3. Edit the caption as you will.

4. Save the image as a JPEG back to your computer.

5. Then upload as you would with any other image you wanted, but this time do it with the image that you created from paint where you wrote a caption that lies underneath the image.

You can of course use other methods but this for me is working the best at the moment.