BMW's new 2012 1 Series M coupé is out an its more badass than ever. This BMW has been though a few changes since the 2011 1M coupe making it faster than ever. The 1M may be a coupé but It produces better lap times than Its big brother, the 2012 BMW M3 (if only by 0.1 of a second.) With a 0-60 at 4.7 it's no wonder this car is growing in popularity. The 1 series M even received Jeremy Clarkson's approval on Top Gear's season 17 première.


BMW 1 series m 2012 editionDuring Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson took the 1 series M and out it up against a Porsche Cayman R and a supercharged Lotus Evora S in a Drag race.

The 1M creamed the Lotus and the Porsche; which pretty much speaks for itself. There is no way a family saloon should be beating two, top of the line, ground hugging sports cars. Here we have the 1M, a car built with 3.8L engine from a BMW Z4 boosted to 340 horse power by 2 turbo chargers.

What is it that makes the 1 Series M so Fast what is the secret?

The 1 Series m (335hp at 5900 rpm) may be lacking in horse power when compared to a M3 (414hp,) but all is forgiven when you factor in the torque. The 1M has a nominal 332 pound-feet (37 more than the M3) and has a function called overboost mode which revs the torque up to 369 for a brief period during high revs. The 1 Series M features an inline 6 (manual transmission only) with a final drive ratio of 3.15:1. The 1 Series M has a slim chassis and is actually longer than an M3 to improve overall handling. The 1 Series M is also the first BMW to feature air curtains in a production model.Bmw 1 series m coupe 2011BMW 1m interior1 series m under the hood

Specs & Performance

Make & Model

 BMW 2012 1 Series M Coupe (3.0L 6cyl Turbo 6M)

Vehicle Type

Rear WD 2dr 4-passenger Coupe


$47,010 ($54,085 fully loaded)


800-1000 cars


front engine (RWD) inline-6





Valvetrain Double overhead camshaft
Horsepower (hp @ rpm) 335 @ 5,900
Torque (lb-ft @ rpm) 332 @ 1,500
Fuel type Premium unleaded
0-60 mph 4.7 seconds
Fuel economy 19 Street /26 highway
Tank capacity 14.0
Seating capacity 4
Weight 4,255

the m button on the new 2012 1 series m coupe

The M button (circled red on the image to the right) is quite different from your standard M series. Instead it initiates the variable control system increasing throttle response mapping. There is also an MDM button (m dynamic mode circled blue) which is a DSC mode specially tuned for the 1 series M. MDM allows the back tires to kick out a bit more before doing any kind of auto correcting.

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