The BP Oil Spill In The Gulf Of Mexico

Many things have been written about the BP oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico that began on April 20th,2010. One of the most bizarre things I've read about it was on the Russian website Pravda. I was reading the English version of Pravda,and one of the writers at Pravda said that the BP oil spill was on April 20th,the same day as Adolf Hitler's birthday! What possible connection are they suggesting? Are they suggesting that Neo-Nazis sabotaged the BP oil well,as a way to celebrate Hitler's birthday? Well,I hope I can come up with something more constructive to say about the BP oil spill.

First of all,I would like to know why I haven't heard of anyone using infared imaging to get images of the leaking oil. An infared camera is a camera that obtains pictures in the infared spectrum of light,instead of the visible spectrum. That means that infared cameras can produce images based on the heat that is emitted by various objects,rather than the light reflected off their surfaces. You should be able to place an infared camera inside a waterproof box,and attach the box to the end of a cable,and then lower the box down into the water,so the camera can obtain pictures of the oil leaking out. I assume that the water at the bottom of the ocean is cold,and I also assume that the oil is a few degrees warmer than the water(due to the oil being heated by geothermal heat). Because of the difference in temperature,the warm oil should stand out against the cold water,producing a high-contrast image. Images like these may be helpful in the future,because they may make it easier to spot oil leaks underwater.

Another idea I have is to use liquid nitrogen to freeze the well,and make it stop leaking. Nitrogen is not a toxic chemical,it is a gas that is found in the Earth's atmosphere. We are all breathing nitrogen right now,as well as oxygen,carbon dioxide,and other gases that are in the air we breathe. Nitrogen exists as a gas,at normal room temperature,but if you cool nitrogen to a temperature of approximately 200 degrees below zero,it turns into a liquid. I believe that liquid nitrogen could be used to freeze the oil leaking out of the BP oil well. If you had a ship,capable of carrying several thousand gallons of liquid nitrogen,you should construct a pipe that can extend from the ship all the way down to the leaking oil well. Then,using the pipe,you should pump liquid nitrogen into the well. The liquid nitrogen should freeze the oil so it turns into a tar-like substance. This should stop the leak,since the well will be frozen shut. You could also inject liquid nitrogen into the area around the leak,so the mud around the leak will also be frozen. This will help guarantee that oil will not seep out. The ship that contains the liquid nitrogen should remain floating directly above the leak,so that more liquid nitrogen can be pumped down into the leak from time to time. This may be an effective temporary solution until a more permanent solution can be found. The advantage of using liquid nitrogen is the fact that it is harmless to the oceanic environment,it should not kill fish or pollute the water.