Since my baby graduated from infant seats to “big boy seats” my wife and I have tried out countless baby strollers to see which ones we like the best, what features we like best, what strollers are the most functional for our needs, and what strollers are right for various functions.

The first stroller our son used was a simple Graco SnugRider otherwise known as the Snap And Go stroller frame for Graco infant car seats. The frame was excellent because it made it easy to move our son from the car to a stroller without waking him up.

Why The City Mini Baby Jogger Stroller Is Our Favorite Stroller For Errands

After the snap and go we tried many strollers for day to day use around the town and we’ve found our favorite is the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. The stroller is meant for basic use on flat surfaces like pavement or indoor surfaces. It is small and fairly lightweight making it really easy to fit in the trunk of the car. It is super easy to fold up and unfold which is very handy for those days when you do 3-4 errands in a row. And it maneuvers with effortless efficiency in tight spaces like packed grocery store isles or crowded malls.

In short there are plenty of other strollers which do the same as the City Mini however we’ve been using it almost all the time now because it is simply to use and it looks good too. My son is obviously comfortable in it as he sits up and watches the world go by in it just as easily as he kicks back and sleeps for an hour in it.

The five point harness is secure, easy to use and doesn’t seem to bother him at all and the basic hood is big enough to cover him up exceptionally well if we want to shade him from weather, light, or noise.

The City Mini Stroller Is Not That Great For Hiking

If you’ve read any of my other writings you’ll know that I have extensive experience with the BOB strollers and to be honest my wife and I used the BOB Revolution strollers before this one. The Revolution strollers are jogging strollers and the Revolution SE model is much more adept at off road versatility than the City Mini stroller.

We used both the BOB Sport Utility strollers and the Revolution SE off road strollers for trail hikes and loved the experience but the strollers were not as convenient to carry in our trunk due to their larger size when folded.

The Baby Jogger City Mini seemed like a dream at first because it seemed to be just as comfortable for our son and was much easier to pack into our trunk but after giving it a try on our favorite four mile trail hike we quickly realized that it was not geared for anything but flat surfaces. Although the front wheel locks in a straight position there is enough wiggle room for it to jolt left and right with every bump in the road. And even more importantly the front wheel was not large enough to handle rough terrain, it would dig into loose gravel rather than roll over it and the lack of suspension really didn’t provide our son with a smooth enough ride.

All in all we have no plans of abandoning the City Mini stroller. It is amazing for ease of use and errands. In fact it has become one of our favorite strollers for errands. Although we buy and sell used strollers all the time we liked this one so much that we finally bought a new 2011 City Mini stroller on Amazon for $149 a while back when it was on sale, which is awesome because many people sell used City Mini strollers on Craigslist for around the same price.