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The Bad Seed

By Edited Nov 13, 2013 5 25

Like everyone else, I have followed the Casey Anthony trial. For those who are unconscious or just don't care, this is the case of the Orlando, Florida woman who is on trial for murdering her child in year 2008.

Caylee Anthony was 2 and a half years old - 3 years ago when she disappeared and reported missing a month later on July 15, 2008. Her little body was found on December 11, 2008. 

I am not a lawyer and cannot speak for the Law's place, the antics in the courtroom or why her lawyer is fighting for her life so determinedly except that is his job.

This woman, Casey Anthony, brings to mind, The Bad Seed, that late 1950ish black and white movie, that I barely remember.  It is about a  woman who is raising her only daughter alone. That daughter, probably 8 - 10 years old is a stone cold psychopath who ends up killing a kindly acquaintance of the family.

Everyone involved with "The Trial of The Century" or "The New Media Trial" as the Casey Anthony Trial is dubbed seems to try to find fault with her family as to the whys and wherefores of Miss Anthony allegedly killing her little girl, Caylee.

Apparently Casey's mother, Cindy, has now committed Perjury to try to keep her daughter off of Death Row. 

The media, from what I understand, seems ready to forgive the mother for lying under Oath because she has lost her granddaughter and is now facing the loss of her daughter to Florida's Death Penalty.

This has got me thinking.

WOULD I lie for my child if he killed my grandchild?

No I would not. Absolutely not.

There is something wrong in this world and one thing, I know, is that people need be held accountable for their actions.

As for being put to death - life in prison would be the worst scenario -either option being a major drain on the taxpayer's tab. 

Granted, Casey Anthony is obviously "mental", one would think.  Besides murdering her daughter, whether accidentally or on purpose, she is an extremely smart pathological liar, completely narcissistic, and a thief.

The presiding Judge in the case has had her examined by psychologists and Casey Anthony is competent to stand trial.

As of today, the Defense has rested and tomorrow, the 4th of July, 2011, the case will go to the Jury for sentencing.

My question in all this and why I am writing this article?

Are some people just "Bad Seeds"?

It is not necessarily the fault of the family as Casey Anthony's "dream team" lawyers are trying vigorously to conclude.

Are some people just inherently evil? 

Psychopaths, sociopaths, it seems to me, the lay person, sometimes never grow up from puberty, when all teenagers go through the time when they think they are invincible, always right, and the most important person in the world.

The outside of the immediate family say The Anthony's seemed a normal all American family.

There are the Charles Mansons of the world who should and were removed from society.

There are the Ted Bundys who have been "put to death" for their crimes.

There are the Adolf Hitlers who should have been put down long before they were able to carry out their insane thoughts and desires.

Where does this come from?

I am sure the Unabomer, Ted Kaczynski, was once a cute little tyke and well-loved by his family. His brother ultimately turned him in to the police.

There is the lore of the Greek God, Narcissus, who fell in love with his image and stared at himself in the reflecting pond until he died of thirst - unwilling to shatter his image in the pond to take a drink.       

I am not a doctor who has studied and understands these things.

I have known people, as I am sure we all have, that have a "minor case" of this Bad Seed disorder and just strike them from our lives....thankful they do not belong to us in any way.

But no, I most definitely would not lie for my child if he was in fact a Bad Seed.

I would hope I would have seen that my son needed medical attention a long time before he murdered anyone and I do hope I would have the wisdom to be a "Tough Love" single parent again as I had to be when my child was growing up. 

I can understand how the Anthony family has gotten to this point.

It must be an insidious thing. First, one must "suspect" that something is wrong with the child but feel guilty for thinking so and just "ignore" the problem not facing it head on.

I would think there is no way that Casey Anthony's parents did not "think" or "know" something was "off" with her a long time ago.

I don't even know exactly why I am writing this article tonight.

I do hope that by putting my thoughts into words, I allow parents who are dealing with a child like Casey Anthony, the courage to trust their gut and not be afraid to discipline their young children.

Truth be known, children want and need discipline from the beginning of their lives.  A child not disciplined feels ignored, unloved and unneeded.

I am no longer shocked when I meet families where the child actually "wears the pants" in a family. Or parents who seem afraid of what their children might "do or think" if told NO.

MAN UP, as they say. Take charge of your children and situation. Don't be afraid to be the adult you are.

If you think something is wrong - it usually is.

And most definitely, if your child does get into trouble repeatedly because this child does not respect your authority - DO SOMETHING. Enlist the help of a doctor for a possible medical diagnosis and/or behavioral therapy information. 

If things have gone too far - look into a "boot camp" type structured environment for this child.

Mostly, if you lead by example, I think, - all will work out as it should and puberty, as hard as it is, will fade into a memory. Never lie or make excuses for a child who exhibits "Bad Seed" behavior. Love your child by helping them "pay the price" for their actions - and start young.

You never want to be in the place that Casey Anthony's parents are in.



 Caylee Marie Anthony  August 09, 2005 - June 16, 2008.

UPDATE: Verdict on this trial was read on July 05, 2011..."Not Guilty" on all counts.  Apparently no one killed little Caylee Marie Anthony.


 Author's Note: This article reflects my own observations, thoughts and experiences in having raised a child as a single parent. In no way is this a medical diagnosis and is best described as perhaps just a common sense approach to this horrid true story of the Casey Anthony Trial that is unfolding before our, the public, eyes.




Jul 4, 2011 6:53pm
You nailed the key elements of Casey's character (narcissistic, etc.). What people need to realize is Casey Anthony is many things, but she is not "crazy". She is a sociopath, and there is a difference. Just like those other people you mentioned (Hitler, Unky Ted Bundy, et al): not crazy people, sociopaths. "Crazy" people cannot concoct or follow through with an elaborate web of deception as Casey managed this whole time effectively.

Oh, I considered tackling her myself as a subject, but I personally don't find her very sympathetic. Aileen Wuornos (whom I will get around to soon)was genuinely disturbed and severely damaged as a human being -- there's the "crazy" person. Good insight here -- keep it up!!
Jul 5, 2011 11:27pm
I enjoyed your response to the article. I agree with Venetia . . . Aileen Wuornos' case would be a great one to dissect.
Jul 4, 2011 7:13pm
billgchambers: Funny and strange you should mention not using Casey Anthony as one of your "Why I am in Love With...".

You know I am a fan of yours and it did cross my mind a while ago if you would use her and I decided myself that you would not because she is not an underdog...(or crazy)

Yes, Aileen Wuornos WOULD be a great subject. Go for it.

Thank you for the comment - I do appreciate it.
Jul 4, 2011 8:17pm
The two positive things I can say about Casey Anthony -- she has nice skin and she has pretty hair. Neither of these are enough to make me in love with her (but I AM in love with that frowsy, pouty, strawberry-blond who swears people in and sits in front of Judge Perry!)
Jul 4, 2011 8:43pm
LOL -- you are a trip!
Jul 5, 2011 5:53am
If my daughter killed my granddaughter I'd be the first one calling the police, not lying to cover her. However, it's true that some sociopaths are very good at manipulating their family to get what they want. Maybe that woman thinks it's all her fault and is trying to savage what she can by lying?
Jul 5, 2011 11:07am
Irene: Thank you so much for commenting:)! I agree that this family is at wits end and tying to salvage what they can. I also agree they have been manipulated to the point that they do think all this is their fault.

At the end of day, however, do they really WANT to take Casey home with them? and try to sleep at night with her in the house.

I am not saying "take her life" as I am not on the Jury...a sociopath is a sociopath...she is not suddenly going to grow a conscience.

I do think it is time for people to be held accountable for their actions even if death is the penalty. Sometimes an eye for an eye makes a lot of sense...whether that is backwards, old-time, ignornant thinking or not.

What will happen if one day all the prisons just opened the doors because taxpayers cannot afford to house and feed them?

This is a terrible delimma and what is the answer? I can only say a prayer and be thankful my child is not a 25 year old Casey Anthony.

I maintain I would not lie for my son and would not want him back in my home. But as you do, I understand how upside down everything in the world must be for these people and how guilty the mother must feel.
Jul 5, 2011 1:16pm
Mothers are a special thing I guess.

I've seen one still welcoming a son who uses drugs, is violent towards them and towards strangers and should be on an institution because she cannot deal with the idea of not being there for him. And because he's an expert at playing her when he's not beating somebody.
Jul 5, 2011 1:32pm
Girl, I know. My Aunt and therefore my Cousin is just as the one you describe above. He is the ultimate BAD SEED....he has hastened his father's death with his antics and I am sure his mother is next...who he beats to the point of hospitalization when he is not in jail. It is just terrible and so darn frustrating! WHAT in the world to do with these people?
Jul 5, 2011 11:34pm
Venetia, you asked "WHAT in the world to do with these people?" I think people should keep on trying and figuring out how to use the justice system to protect others from the BAD SEEDS. Humans should not give up on deciding what to do. Good article Venetia. Thanks to aguy, I wouldn't have seen this article to read.
Jul 6, 2011 1:23am
freedomw and aguy:
Thank you for commenting! - BTW bllgchambers IS an interesting writer..I love his work

I agree with you on completely. Until there is a "fix", and I know people are trying, but these people are dangerous. Like that Casey Anthony - who is now free to wreak havoc on anyone who comes within an inch of her.

Sociopaths do have the ability, as Irene alluded to earlier, to convince people that NO ONE killed Caylee.

One would think the poor child committed suicide and jumped in the truck of her mother's car and when that stunk too much she just jumped out at the pet cemetery for fresh air.

I am just shocked (or not really) that the no - limit denial her parents will go to. They are the ultra, ultimate Casey enabler addicts.

And,yes,common sense needs to come back into style
Jul 6, 2011 8:26pm
I'm sure millions of taxpayers are willing to have people earn some extra money to help protect society from Casey. Then there could be some problems that may arise. Life is tough. Thus, I don't like the saying, "Live everyday to the fullest." It seems like each person don't have much things to be cautious about.
Jul 7, 2011 3:03am
freedomw: Please don't deprive yourself from "live everyday to the fullest"..life is a gift and we all should be grateful and happy to be able to do this...

I am unhappy that "no one" is guilty for a little girl who can't live her life at all...and was not thought enough of to be given a proper buriel and the respect of letting people bless her and say goodbye.

Also, I didn't mean to imply that specifically we needed to be protected from Casey... although I do hope she never has more children. As she gets older she may or may not become dangerous to society not just to her family and not just to a 2 year old child who could not fight back and was getting old enough to reveal the mother's secrets.

Her other crimes support the sociopathic behavior.

This could been an overdose by accident - Xanax is known as "Zanny" or "Zannies." Her friends stated that the child slept through parties easily.

There is the month after the disappearance that Casey lied, with or without the help of her family. All this is disturbing and I do not think that Justice was served.

"Not guilty" at all, not even to child abuse is just unfathomable to me. Something did happen to the baby...Caylee did not duct tape herself and jump into the trunk of her mother's car.

What the Jury was thinking will always be a mystery to me and they will have to live with that as will the Anthony's as it is becoming obvious that they lied too.

No, freedomw, please do not take away from this article that you should not live your life and be grateful for it.

I did dedicate this article in the memory of little Caylee - but also to parents who may be dealing with a child that exhibits disturbing "Bad Seed" behavior and urge them not to hide and lie for that behavior but to face it head on....because this is an example of what can happen as a result.

And just as an aside - prisons and the inmate population are an unbelievable expense that the taxpayers bear.

No, I am not saying "just kill everyone". Again, I was not on this Jury so I have no say and I do hope when people get that Jury Summons, they do not try to wriggle out of it and do their duty - Not leave the ignorant and unable to understand to decide our fate.

We are the luckiest people in the world to live in the America and we should respect and be thankful for that.

Yes, I think Casey Anthony is a sociopath which means she is incapable of feeling empathy and will never think anything is her fault.

You enjoy your life and do good with it. That, I think, is ultimately our jobs.
Jul 11, 2011 6:15pm
What's really interesting is the verdict, was justice served? It's all a matter of perception. Courageous article, Venetia - good for you!
Jul 11, 2011 8:51pm
Thiank you so much for commenting footloose! I agree, the verdict "was interestnig". I think law schools will be studying this trial for a long time.

As you noted, Justice being "served" or "not served" is a perception....I do believe that, in this case, the Jury, who was doing their job as they should, did not grasp the concept of reasonable doubt.

For instance, if one morning the ground is wet, your paper is in plastic and wet, everything is wet - but the sun is shining.

What happened? It rained during the night - even though one did not see it, hear it or know why it rained or the exact time it rained. It rained.
Jul 13, 2011 3:42pm
I agree that you were courageous to publish this article. You're obviously passionate about the subject matter. There's a lot of talk about this unpopular verdict but this isn't the first. Look at OJ Simpson. What's really at the crux of these controversies is a legal system that's nervous about trampling on a defendant's rights and touching off more law suits. So instead the court puts its hand out in the other direction, nudging open the door that allows guilty people to go free.
Jul 13, 2011 9:30pm
So exactly the point. We were OJ'd, most definitely, and exactly for the reasons you noted. (I just love your cleverly turn of phrase writing)

Bad things do not beget good things and I am do hope law professors are prudent. Yes, I am passinate about the Law...perhaps in another world I was a lawyer:)

I would like to say that the reason I published this article was more for people who may be dealing with "Bad Seed" children,young or adult, and not to ignore it or hide from it get and treatment, at leaat. Sometimes it never goes away and they end up with a girl like this who, I admit, I thought was a done deal.
Aug 2, 2011 5:49pm
Well, this all took place in my back yard(so to speak). Today they are trying to bring her back to Orlando to serve probation for the check fraud convictions. I've put this behind me now. Even after watching this unfold since 7-15-08; it all just does not seem to make much sense, the outcome, the media attention and the possibility of releasing the names of jurors.

As far as bad seed, perhaps. Yes I too felt she is a narcissistic psychopath. She now has decades to redeem herself and be a productive global citizen. We shall see if she repeats her criminal activities--more honed and knowledgeable about being selfish, greedy,insensitive and a cold-blooded killer.
Aug 2, 2011 5:50pm
This reminds me of that great 40's or 50's? movie "Bad seed". That little girl was caught early in life.
Aug 4, 2011 8:15am
Scarey isn't it? It is said she will seek treatment. Can mean, lying, stealing, selfish, sociopaths be treated? or do they just fool everyone.

What I truly don't get is why isn't the family looking for who killed that child? - perhaps the 12 Jurists could tell us... (after learning what reasonable doubt is).

Yes, the title was taken from the movie "The Bad Seed". Thank you for your comment Sullysee. I appreciate it.
Aug 8, 2011 2:56pm
Remarkable article. Scarey for sure, she got away with it now how many others will try the same thinking they too will be found not guilty.
Aug 14, 2011 11:47am
Thanks for writing this article and providing a place for discussion of this terrible tragedy and injustice. First, when, and if, a parent begins to observe that their child is having problems they need to seek help for that child immediately. Small 'bad seeds' only grow into big 'bad seeds.' If parents ignore the situation, they will not be helping the child, themselves, or society.

Secondly, I agree with Divaonline's comments on how our legal system and the courts are allowing defendant's rights to overrule justice.

I am glad to see that Casey Anthony will have to return to Florida and serve her probation time. But, I do not feel that the people of Florida should have to pay for her protection. This group of people involved in this case will be making tons of money by selling their stories - let them pay for her protection.
Aug 16, 2011 5:17am
Lynsuz: THank you for the comment. I do appreciate it. I agree the verdict is scarey. Children are the most used and abused facet of society and need to be protected.
Aug 16, 2011 5:44am
southerngirl09: I appreciate your comment and your spot on insight regarding little "bad seeds" growing into big "bad seeds" if attention is not noted early on.

I just hope the real story is forced out of this girl which may well be the "main attraction" of this whirlwind of ridiculous media circus.
Sep 9, 2011 2:14am
So so true. We see so many kids these days that have no idea on how to respect their parents. In my opinion as you say the parents are not teaching their children the meaning of respect and good behavior.
You only have to go to the shops and see how the kids flatly refuse to do as a parent tells them and the parent ignores the childs bad behavior.
Parents definitely need to take back control. No you dont have to hit them (although i still reckon a little tap does keep them in line) Dont go over board but punish them by not letting them have the things they really do want.
Great article. well done.
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