My son on his balance bike


Each child can start with walking his bike and gradually continues to run his bike and try out his balance in a safe way.

The bikes are small and light weight

The kids can go pretty fast and far when accustomed to the bike, so they can join you on your walk

No need for training wheels, when changing to a normal kid's bike


These bikes go from 2.5 till 4 years

Some kids like it so much, they will ask you constantly to go for a walk so they can ride his bike

They are a bit expensive for what you get. A bike without pedals, brakes, chain, etc…But it is not the same as removing everything from a normal kid's bike, because the balance bikes are much lower and smaller.

Full Review

The Balance Bike; a new way to learn how to ride a bike! Balance bikes are sometimes called Running bikes, because they don't have pedals, nor a chain or brakes. The child has to move his bike by running with his legs while seated. The bikes are in general very small, low and light weight. In this way the child can easily reach the ground and maneuver the bike without problems. The children can start doing this, from 2 to 2.5 years old. The saddle should be adjusted regularly, depending on the size of the child and his or hers ability to ride the bike. In the beginning, the saddle should be in a position where the child can easily reach the ground with both feet flat at the same time. In this way he can walk his bike and as his balance improves, he will put his feet of the ground more to make bigger steps. Then the saddle heigMy son on his balance bikeht can be adjusted, but the child should always be able to put both feet with the toes on the ground. As the child progresses, he will feel more and more confident to lift his feet more off the ground and balance his bike for a longer period of time. This is a fun and healthy outdoor activity that children love to do. By riding a balance bike like this, he will build a balance for riding a normal bike and when the child is ready, the only thing he has to learn now is how to pedal. He already knows how to keep his balance and can start riding a normal kids bike immediately without training wheels, once he understands the concept of pedaling. This is a new way of learning how to ride a bike and most kids love to ride a balance bike, because they can start immediately and build up confidence in their own developmental rhythm.

In Closing

Balance bikes will teach kids how to balance a bike in a fun and creative way. The child can start with his first steps on his bike all by himself and he is able to build up his balance just by running his bike. His steps will grow longer and he will lift up his feet more and for longer periods of time. It gives them the opportunity to learn in their own rhythm. It is a very nice outdoors activity. When the child is ready to change to a normal kid's bike, he doesn't need training wheels. He only has to learn how to pedal, which is much easier than learning all at once.