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Professional Interaction

I was recently working on a job-site doing a landscaping job, and I witness several professionals cycle through the area with work that was requested from them. I realized that sometimes one company takes care of a situation, but sometimes there is a whole slew of companies that independently weave their way in and out of the customer's home, new or existing. I look back at past experiences at new construction job sites I have been at, and discover the vast team of electricians, plumbers, framers, roofers, cable/dish installers, painters, gas line installers, landscapers, and movers are all on-and-off location. They are all separately contracted or sub-contracted by the home-owner, or by a contractor that the homeowner has interacted with.

Innovative Mechanics

I have come in contact with a number of interesting new mechanical innovations during my time doing manual labor work. Gas-powered generators make electrical equipment work in the middle of nowhere. Stone-cutting machinery now allows precise stone-laid patios to emerge in a matter of days, where as the Romans took years and a serious multitude of workers. The interaction with the customer is not always on-site though, as Auto-CAD engineers construct precise 3-dimensional housing blueprints, and then it is handed off to a general contract, who may hand smaller operations off to 3rd-party companies to better categorize the details.

Innovation for a smarter market

Solar InstallerCredit: professionals come across tasks that have previously been difficult situations, they voice their stress, and then others see an opening to invent a new type of equipment to tackle the job in a fraction of the time, and with more accuracy. And while much equipment today has been available today for in some cases decades, the accessibility and know-how of the equipment's results is what makes for satisfied customer. The customer is (often) looking to pay for what cannot be done well himself.

Freelance Workers

While some companies advertise and reach out to the community to gain business, others free-lance and deliver work based on interest of fans. Free-lance work is more unpredictable because there is often less consistency by customers, but then freelancers also experience less stress because they are smaller, and can only reach as far as their own arms (or that of a small teams, so to speak).

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But a thriving community of professionalism can be seen throughout the development of some modern homes, and businesses. It is a beautiful thing to witness modern innovation put their training and experience into a single project.