If you are looking to get married then you should date women who may be a good potential life mate. Barack Obama and Michelle seem like a very great couple who are very supportive of each other. Here are some tips to finding women to date who may be marriage material from the Barack Obama school of dating.

Get an Educated Woman
An educated woman oftentimes seems to lead to a happier marriage with less stress. Michelle is college educated and had a great career. She gave it up to support Barack as he became President of the united States. What if Michelle had simply been a high school dropout who married a drug dealing outlaw biker? It's a good thing she is educated and you should look for an educated woman also.

Get a Pretty Woman
If you get a pretty wife then you are much less likely to cheat on her. Michelle Obama is very beautiful and her husband Barack has not cheated on her. Bill Clinton on the other hand did cheat on his wife Hillary, and you know what she looks like.

You need a wife that is driven to have a better life. Michelle Obama grew up in the South Side of Chicago, and now resides in the White House and the First Lady. Michelle Obama could have became a drug addict or worked in a convenience store during the graveyard shift, however she was driven to get educated and to get ahead in life. You will want a wife that is driven to have a better life and not one that simply wants to stay at home in the trailer park drinking beer.

If you are a man who enjoys watching sports, then you need a woman who will allow you to watch sports without nagging at you. Some women love to watch sports, while other women will make nachos and pizza for you and the boys to enjoy. A bad marriage is likely to ensue if you live watching sports and your wife despises sports and she either storms out of the house when it is on or she nags you incessantly until you leave the house to get away from her.

Michelle Obama supports Barack watching some sports. Michelle's brother is actually a head coach for a college basketball team, and Barack loves to play and watch basketball. Even if Michelle does not want to go to an actual basketball game she would go to support her brother, which is a great way for Barack to watch sports with the encouragement of his wife.

Church is Better Then Bar
When looking to date women it is better to find a woman who goes to church. If you are looking for a wife in a bar then you might get lucky, but it seems like the odds will show your marriage will end in divorce. Although Barack did not meet Michelle at Church, neither did he meet her at a bar. Michelle did go to church and was not know to be a barfly.

Negotiated Support
It is important for a wife to be helpful to their husband and supportive, but without nagging. When Barack originally wanted to run for President Michelle was very apprehensive about it and feared a presidential run would violate the privacy of their children. Michelle did however agree to support Barack running for president if he agreed to quit smoking. The negotiated support was beneficial for both parties. Negotiated support is better than ultimatums, threats and nagging.

Respect and Integrity
It is important to find a wife that had respect for people and Integrity, especially if you as the man value respect and integrity. .Some of the Obama core values are shared by both Barack and Michelle. At the 2008 Democratic National Convention Michelle Obama said ""that you work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your bond, and you do what you say you're going to do, that you treat people with dignity and respect, even if you don't know them, and even if you don't agree with them."