The most basic structure of an article consists of only four parts. You can utilize these four parts as a template and simply fill in the blanks. There are many variations to the article over these four pieces are the most basic structure of an article.

The Headline

The headline is vitally important for many reasons. The headline can be used as link bait to entice people to click on the headline title because they find it an interesting title makes them curious. I headline can also help out with your search engine optimization and help you to receive more traffic from Google.

The opening paragraph

The opening paragraph is often used simply to explain what your article will be about, but the opening paragraph needs to be a way to entice your reader to further read the article. If the opening paragraph is boring the reader may skip ahead to the reptile article or even worse click the back button. Some people intentionally use poorly written opening paragraphs hoping that the reader’s attention will drift sooner to the ads. In the long run I think this is a poor technique. Try to keep the readers interest for his long as possible.

The article body

The article body is where you need to write about the things you mentioned in the opening paragraph and the headline. If you write an interesting headline and a great opening paragraph and then there article body does not follow up with the topic that was initially mentioned will simply irritate readers and do it the back and go back to Google search pages.

The closing paragraph

The closing paragraph is where you wrap up everything you mentioned within the article body. Many readers may simply skip the article itself and head to the closing paragraph sodas and or that you summarize it accurately and interestingly. You can also use the closing paragraph to encourage comments or another call to action.

Writing articles for websites and blogs were your goal is to earn money earn advertising and you may vary the structure of the four-part article is much as needed order to integrate your SEO tactics, longtail keywords, and anything else you me want to add.

Sometimes when writing a simple four-part article the words will keep on coming. Don't worry about the lathe of the article and just continue writing until you feel it is done and then at that point you to decide whether you will publish it as one entire piece, a two-part article, or to split it up into smaller articles.