Mountain climbingMountaineering(40515), also known as mountaineering, is an extremely-dangerous sport that should be practiced carefully to avoid injuries. In fact, you will try to reach the summit of a mountain, and you may be exposed to many incidents, especially falls. There could be some heavy rocks, thick snow or even some slippery ice.

According to the nature of the mountain that you’re climbing, the techniques, gears and precautions vary.  For example, when you are practicing in a rocky, dry mountain, here we’re talking about rock climbing. The threat of falling stones is really big, so you have to wear a good helmet to protect your head.  This mountaineering option is usually associated with summer activities. It can be performed whether outdoor, within natural summits, or indoor, within artificial climbing walls.

On the other hand, when you try to climb a snowy mountain, usually in winter, here you are practicing snow climbing (also known as Alpinism). The best snowy mountains in the world are located in north Europe and Asia, such the Swiss Alps and Himalayas. The weather out there is so cold, and the nature is really savage, and that’s what makes of these summits a tremendous challenge for mountaineering addicts.

Like any other sport, mountain climbing requires appropriate gears to be practiced properly.  More than that, you have to keep in mind that you are going to be exposed to real dangers. Therefore, you have to take the essential safety measures. Here are some of the very vital mountaineering gears that you should not neglect:

•   Mountaineering Boots – These are shoes that have between 8 and 14 spikes. The point behind these special shoes is to avoid slipping and dig into the ice, snow or rocks for substantial hold.

•          Rope – Normally, it’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about mountain climbing. There are different kinds of ropes, but the most durable are those made of nylon fiber. Just consider only reputed brands that deliver UIAA certified products to be sure of the quality.

•          Helmet – When climbing a mountain, falling rocks are the most serious threat. As the head is a vital part in our bodies, it should be well protected. To this end, a good helmet is necessary.

•          Harness – When you use a rope, you obviously need some kind of strap to attach it. The harness is made just for this purpose. You will have to wear it around your body and then link it to the rope. Usually, it’s adjustable, so it would fit any waist.

These are only some of the basic gears that you must have in order to practice mountaineering safely.