It is important to have a basic toolbox for every home. Small repairs spring up all the times and there are a few basic tools everyone should have laying around for these occasions. Or you might buy something that requires some assembly.  For instance, you might decide that you want to install a ceiling fan in your home; having the right tools on hand can save you a lot of headaches!

Having a fully stocked work shop would be nice but, for most of us we’re going to have to settle for the basics.  Having a hammer is a good start, but there are a few other basics that will prove their worth over the course of your life.

In this article, I will list the top tools that really will prove their weight in gold!  So grab your tool box and collect these items!

Philips screwdriver
This is an x-shaped screwdriver and is a must have in any toolbox. It is a good idea to have a handle that accepts various tips. This is the easiest way to cover different screw sizes and types.

Flathead Screwdriver
This is also called a straight screwdriver. It is an invaluable tool that is used in the majority of switch plates. These use straight screws. It makes a great difference to have the right size of flathead. You can start with a set of three flathead screw drivers such as small, medium and large. This way you will be able to handle most jobs.

Tape Measure
A tape measure is indispensable for jobs that need estimation of material quantities and placement of various objects. Tape measures are also used to calculate furniture sizes and floors. It is advisable to measure everything more than once. That way you will always get it right.

It doesn’t matter what you are building. It can be a gun cabinet or even just measuring whether your flat screen television will fit into a new room.  Either way you should always measure…twice!

There is no need to engage in eye balling to determine whether some things are level or not. The level is used to take all guesswork away. There is no need to have your things look out of place when you can do something about it.

Utility Knife
This is used for cutting paint around windows which are tightly closed, opening windows, carpet edge trimming, opening boxes, scoring drywall and many other uses.

Putty Knife
This is a great tool for scraping dry glues as well as paints. It is also used for spreading paste, putty and spackle. You need a 5” or 6” for spreading while one and half inch will be used for scraping.

Nail Set
This is a tool used for sinking nail heads below the surface of wood. This is necessary to allow you to fill any holes with wood putty. After applying sandpaper, the nails disappear.

This is a tool with serrated jaws which can assist you in holding objects firmly. It is also used for pulling, bending, and pinching metal.

Wire Stripper
This is another tool for cutting wire to sizes as well as scoring the insulation around wires of various sizes. Remember, wires have to be exposed in order to make electrical connections.

As you can see with only a small amount of tools you will be able to cover your bases on most jobs.  Having this small collection of tools will prove to be money well spent!

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