When you first move in to a house or condo, you anticipate there has to be a particular standard of security present. It is normal to need locks on the doors, perhaps a peep-hole to look through to see who's outside, and gates and fences are also common. Although none of that is normally adequate to discourage a criminal intent on stealing from your home.

You can expect to look towards installing or improving your own home security systems, and listed below are some of the essential ways to upgrading your home security system that one may use.

Always remember, it’s not invariably the priciest option which is the best, and it’s down to your very own situation as to which is perfect for you.

Locks, bolts, bars and chains

Protecting your doors and windows can be done in the most basic form – additional locking products. Upgrading doors to 5 or 7 point locking systems can help prevent unwelcome robbers, while adding locks to house windows will certainly further raise your security.

Bolts and chains on the doors add an extra level of security, and may you be visited by a complete stranger, under no circumstance should you really open the door without having to use the chain.

As part of serious cases, bars may be put on your windows to prevent access from the outside.

Standard alarms

We notice these everyday – or rather, we hear them. Purchased as an individual item, straight forward systems can be installed by anyone although many complicated systems require the participation of a professional. A deafening alarm and/or flashing light is triggered with sensors distributed around the household, and is generally deactivated simply by entering a code on a keyboard or with a physical key.

When the sound and light boxes are placed outside the residence, this can act as a discouraging factor as there is the potential for the alarm to go off and also for the criminal to be caught – nevertheless, this method will depend upon a person contacting the authorities to investigate.

Monitored alarms

Security companies will provide this particular service that negates part of the problem of a standard alarm – you don’t need to rely on an unknown 3rd party to contact the cops, as the system is watched 24/7 by the security firm. If and when the alarm is triggered, the security firm calls either yourself or even a authorized key holder to notify them of the situation.

Police response

When you are genuinely concerned about the safety of your residence, you may have your alarm connected directly to the authorities – for a fee. Keep in mind, this isn't a guarantee of speedy service from the police department, just a guarantee that they will learn of the situation.

If higher priority events are going on than a suspected robbery, they will obviously get priority. This really does however cut down a step, as no human needs to interact with the alarm and telephone systems to get in touch with the authorities, and a suspected robbery is taken just as seriously if it is called in by John Q Public or by an alarm system.

An added note on automatic diallers is that should they record several false alarms, the cops may stop addressing the calls until it is proven that the alarm system is fixed.

Do I need extra security?

It’s your call – are your personal belongings worth more than the price tag on a home security system? In a ideal world you would not need to worry – however the world we live in is far from ideal.