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The Basics of BE Broadband

BE broadband is an internet service provider that many people do not know about.  This provider offers a range of ADSL broadband packages with varying data allowances; there are also a number of flexible contract terms available that suit the needs of any user.  It is important that you understand the basics of this provider and find out all the information you can.

About BE Broadband

Most broadband consumers in the UK do not know about BE broadband as it is one of the smaller providers and they are often dwarfed by the giants of BT, Sky and Virgin Media.  However, BE broadband has won a number of accolades for the speeds of their services and their reliability making them a good option for consumers.

BE broadband is the sister company of O2 broadband and both of these companies have been bought by Sky.  Sky purchased these companies from their Spanish parent company Telefonica in the first months of 2013.  Consumers who had contracts with these companies will continue to use the services until late 2013 when they will be switched to a Sky broadband package. 

There were a number of worries raised by BE customers at the time of the take-over.  The most pressing was the continuation of their services and whether there would be any disruptions in their connections.  These fears have been soothed by Sky and certain benefits have been added for these existing customers.  These existing customers will be able to take out a Sky broadband package and bundle Sky TV with their new packages.  The take-over also brings the option of fibre optics to BE customers which would not have been possible otherwise.

The Current BE Packages

The broadband packages that this provider offers have remained unchanged even after the sale to Sky.  There are still three broadband packages that can be bundled with a phone package if desired.  All of the packages offered by the provider have unlimited data and 12 month contract lengths.  While all of the packages do have unlimited data they are subject to a fair usage policy. 

This policy restricts the amount of data you can use during certain time of the day.  If you exceed this usage then your connection speeds may be throttled.  There are other terms which form this policy that you have to be aware of.  Other consequences of breaching this policy include the termination of your account.  You will generally be warned beforehand if this action is going to be carried out and the reasons behind it.

The speeds of the packages this provider offers ranges from 10mb per second to 16mb per second.  As there is no fibre optic package available there are no faster speeds.  The best package with this provider also comes with a static IP address which is ideal for home businesses. 

All of the packages do have some information about who should be getting them.  This makes it very easy to choose the correct package for your home as you are told who the package has been designed for. 

Services Offered by BE

There are other services that the provider offers that you should also look into.  All customers receive a free modem when they take a broadband package.  The modem is the BE Box and not the Sky modem.  This may change in the latter part of 2013 when the BE service integrates with Sky services. 

BE only offers phone services along with their broadband services.  You can choose from a number of different phone packages to bundle with your broadband.  It is best to bundle the two services as you receive a discounted rate and you need a phone line to get the ADSL connection anyway.  All of the call packages come with inclusive calls over the weekend. 

The Benefits of BE

There are a number of benefits that BE customers have that you should be aware of:

  • The management of your BE account can be done online.  This includes any changes to the service you wish to make as well as the payment of your monthly invoice.  There is also a range of additional options that can only be found on the BE website.
  • Customers are able to build their own broadband packages allowing you to tailor the product to your needs.  If you require greater download speeds you can bond two local exchange lines to create a faster connection.  Of course, these extras do increase the overall cost of your broadband package.
  • Customers taking the Pro and Unlimited packages do not have to take a 12 month contract.  If you are happy paying a higher premium you can take these packages for 3 months instead of 12 months.  This is not an option for the customers using the basic broadband package. 

The Awards

BE is actually an award winning broadband provider and has many accolades to its name.  One of these awards is the Broadband Choices Customer Satisfaction Award of 2011.  This award is given to the provider that Broadband Choices’ customers vote as the best. 

In 2013 BE was named the recommended provider by the consumer group Which?  The provider has achieved an overall customer score with Which? of 76% which was the second-highest overall customer score. 

The Extras

There are a number of other extras that BE offers their customers that sets them apart from their competition.  The provider has its own forum where consumers can talk about the provider, meet other users and get support if they need it.  There is also a user group which is a site dedicated to all things BE and where support of any kind can be found.  You can receive support for technical issues, find out the network status and complete speed tests. 

BE broadband is one of the lesser known broadband providers, but it is also highly acclaimed by consumer groups.  The provider has been bought by Sky and all the products will fall under Sky’s control at the end of 2013.  Any existing customers will be kept up to date about the move to Sky and how it will affect them.