Bluetooth was created to provide low bandwidth, wireless connections, making it easier to connect your electronic devices, such as cell phones, laptops, PDA's and Desktop PC's. It uses a low power, wireless network which uses radio waves to send and receive data between devices. A Bluetooth connection can reach up to around 30 feet. One of the main attractions of Bluetooth is the ability to share information between your mobile devices without the need for a cable.

Bluetooth is an advancing technology and now offers a variety of devices that have Bluetooth capability. Some of the more popular devices are Bluetooth headsets for your cell phone, GPS navigation systems that have the ability to Bluetooth your cell to your GPS. This is a good advance in technology because it promotes safe driving while retaining the ability to answer important calls.

Usually it is a fairly easy to make a Bluetooth connection between devices, but you want to check each of the devices you want to connect to see which Bluetooth services they are capable of. Most of the newer ones have the ability to transfer just about anything, but some of the older ones do not always have the capability of transferring the files you want.

To make a Bluetooth connection, go to the settings on each device where you will find a tab called connectivity. Here is where you will find your Bluetooth option. Turn on the Bluetooth service and make sure that your device is discoverable, then tell it to search for new devices. When one of the devices finds the other you will be prompted for a numerical password, which must be entered on the other device. Once this is done, you will receive a message stating that the devices are paired.

Now for the easy part, navigate to the file you wish to send and select options and choose Bluetooth. A signal will be sent to the other device that it is receiving a file and just accept and the file will be transferred. In the beginning it could take a few tries to get it right, but once you do you will find that it is indeed a simple and convenient process.