First of all, I have to emphasize that no matter what people tell you, this is something that involves hard work with a certain amount of discipline. There have been a lot of books out lately, telling you how you can make a fortune with this program. Of course you can, but you also have to be dedicated. You also have to realize that not everyone makes it to the top.

This is the way I learned to research for books and it is definitely solid:

  • Pick a category that you are interested in and you know something about. Go to the number one book in that category. It should have a sales rank below 5000
  • Now go to the top 100 in the category - it should be over 100,000.

This way you will know the books are selling and the competition is alright. Of course, these are average numbers and it is always a good thing to experiment.

For the first book, I decided to first get my feet wet by having an editor write something for me. There was less competition in this niche.

Now I write where there I find there is more competition. However, if you build yourself a series then you will start to improve on your sales. You can see this by looking at the numbers. This is definitely something you have to look at and research before you go ahead and write.


The title

The title is just as important as when you write an article, if not more so. Your readers have not seen the inside of the book yet. They only see the cover with the title displayed on top. You must be able to see what it says. However, it is also important that you use something descriptive.

This is where adjectives come into play. If you go to a five star restaurant, you won't find something like ice cream and chocolate sauce on the menu. It is going to be more like honey almond with raspberry coulis and white chocolate sauce.

The cover

It is a fact, people do judge a book by the cover. It can cost to have this done every time. Some people charge as much as $100. However, if you learn a little about what goes into a cover and you find out about various programs, it won't be all that bad. I use a program, called gimp, which is free and user friendly. It may take a while to get used to, but you can find a few tutorials on YouTube. There are loads of these programs around, so you will definitely be able to find something.


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Reviews are not like comments on your blog. You can't edit them and your can't remove them. If you are getting loads of sales and suddenly you get a 1 star review, it could definitely ruin things for you. Most people get a couple of friends to help them rate a review down like that. Sometimes you can report it to Amazon, but it is rare that they will remove it. When you bring a new book out, you simply have to get reviews out - you will automatically see your book increase in sales.

Is Kindle the right platform?

There are lots of places where you can publish. You can head off to Barnes and Noble or Smashwords for starters. There are lots of places where you can make your book available. However, if you enroll in the select program then you have to stay put for 3 months - you can' t publish anywhere else during that time. It is always a good idea to test different platforms out as you bring more books out. However, we all know that Amazon draws the crowds. Their five day promotion that they have is also really sweet.

It takes time to build up your sales and your brand so if you have patience and perseverance that will help a great deal!

Why You Should Submit Your Free Kindle Ebooks

So how do you get past your competition?

In the beginning stages, don't panic if your sales rank climbs up to over 500,000. Don't try and invest in paid advertising at this stage. Just take in as much information and bring out more books - you will learn as you go.

Are you a writer or a marketer?

Hopefully you are able to do both because this is essential. Many people think that a well written book is all it takes, but you you need to put your marketing skills to the test as well. This is not easy, but you will learn as you go a long.

There are many great writers out there, but they don't market their books. This is simply something you have to do, especially since stats tell us it is basically 70% marketing and 30% writing. Then again, there are marketers who write eBooks just to promote their website and this can maybe be referred to as Kindle spam sometimes.

Remember that your books have to be approved by Amazon and people will let you know what they think by sending you bad reviews.

Marketing eBooks the right way

Once you have a product, you have to promote it, and with Kindle, the best way is to use one of your free days. You will find that if you enroll your book in the select program, where you will have 5 free days of advertising. However, you have to treat these 5 days like gold because they only come around once every 90 days.

You have to find out if two days or three days is better and which days are the best. You can only find this out by testing. Look at your calendar as well because you may just have found out that you have run into one of the holidays and everyone is away. Experiment with different covers and categories as well.

6 places to submit your free Kindle eBooks

You have to do your homework. This takes time and effort, but it will pay off in the long run. Putting your book up as a freebie is just not good enough. You simply won't get anywhere unless you are a famous author or a celebrity. You need to submit your links to the appropriate sites, forums and social media sites.

Here are a couple of places to start off with:

Submit to the free sites a week before you plan your promo.

ebookbooster (this is a fantastic site because there are over 40 places here - don't be lazy and pay :) - it will take a while and also submit to their facebook page on the day.


on the day - snickslist

on the day - freebookfeed

savvybookwriters - have a look at the forum sites here - they can be very powerful.

rachelleayala - more forum sites here, some overlap

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