Being held to the highest of standards themselves, our military's personnel have the highest standards for the equipment they use. In boot camp they learn the proper and various skills for the survival of dealing with Mother Nature and all she will make them endure at home and abroad. Though our military's branches are elite fighting forces, sometimes the competition with the elements of the weather can get very rigorous. With the proper equipment made to withstand any terrain our men and women may encounter, they will be able to battle and overcome the effects of their current atmosphere and carry out orders smoothly.

When it comes to our military, the list of essential equipment they need for their daily work, as well as deployments or special operations, can get quite lengthy. Depending on where they are stationed, the elements of our atmosphere will force them to encounter many obstacles of weather. When we think of equipment, we usually think of mechanical gadgets, but not only are mechanical gadgets 'equipment', the apparel worn by our nation's heroes could also be considered equipment.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the men and women of our armed forces need to have healthy feet. Tactical socks come in many varieties such as cold weather, hot weather and desert (sand). Not only are most tactical socks all weather proof, they too are engineered to keep the feet free of blisters, calluses, sweat and will help prevent medical ailments such as frost bite if one is in the extreme cold. You can not have socks without shoes though!

One thing that our troops must never be without is their combat boots. The boots on their feet are not just boots; they are a part of who a

Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor, Coastie and citizen soldier of the National Guard is. It is very important that their boots can conquer water, cold weather and hot weather. Many manufacturers of combat boots have done numerous different studies and through trial and error have made boots that are perfect for all terrains, and have made them available not only specifically for each branch, but in black, khaki and olive drab to compliment any camouflage pattern.

It is not just the socks and boots though that must be weather proof, their mechanical equipment, as mentioned earlier, needs to be protected from the elements too. The best way to weather proof key items such as two way radios and global positioning systems from rain, wind, and sand is to have the proper tactical pouches and bags to carry this imperative equipment in. If they are on a deployment, upon taking out their GPS and discovering that they still have many miles to go, they may need to set up a camp. The proper military camp is made up of none other than tents that are sturdy enough to handle, rain, snow, wind, sand and temperatures in the extreme cold and hot. The camp too should be adorned with the night vision gear to make sure the area is secure at all times.

No matter where they are, the battle against Mother Nature our military's personnel faces can be brutal, and to keep themselves healthy and their equipment safe, it is more than important for them to have the proper apparel and tactical gear to defeat anything that may come their way.

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