Europe is the smallest of the seven continents and although there are distinct climatic differences between various parts, it is not actually big enough to have the dramatic differences that can be seen in the larger continents.

Many people wishing to escape the gloomy, cold and damp winters of Northern Europe and in particular the United Kingdom feel that the only way to extend their summer is via a long-haul flight to somewhere outside of Europe. The Caribbean is a popular option for some whilst others consider venturing all the way to Australia. Later on I will be revealing that this is not absolutely necessary.

As a general rule the further South you go in Europe the better the chance you have of extending your summer. Travel agents would have you believe that winter sun is a comprehensively available commodity but then of course they must take a biased view. So if you are looking to laze away your days on the beach and bathe in still warm waters whilst having avoided the main holiday peak times the following should give you some useful and realistic pointers.

Central and South-Eastern Europe – (Extend Your Summer by 4-6 Weeks)

In Central and South-Eastern Europe the climate conditions are known as the central climate. The conditions you can expect are very extreme in that the summers can be exceptionally hot with temperatures ranging up to the mid-forties whilst the winters are bitterly cold and temperatures often plummet to well below freezing for extended periods. If we assume that by early-September summer has already run its course in Northern Europe you can still expect to extend your beach time by around four and maybe even six weeks in the following areas

Romanian Black Sea Coast

Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Northern Greek Coast

Albanian and Greek Adriatic Coast

Greek Aegean Coast

The Island of Corfu

South-Western Europe – (Extend Your Summer by 6-8 Weeks)

The predominant climate in this region is the Mediterranean Climate. Not restricted to the Mediterranean Sea the climate can be found in other places in the world including parts of the USA and Southern Africa. Characteristics are long hot dry summers and relatively mild winters although still not mild enough to be classed as an all year round beach destination. You can expect to find beach weather and warm seas up to around mid-October and maybe even on to the end of October at the following destinations where the European Mediterranean climate exists.

. Italian Mediterranean Coast

· French Mediterranean Coast

· Spanish Coast

· Portuguese Coast

Southern Europe – (Extend Your Summer By 8-10 Weeks)

If you draw a line across a map of Southern Europe which extends from the bay of Marmaris in Southern Turkey through to the Gibraltar, anywhere that falls below this line is where you are going to find your winter sun. map (17218)

It is here that the seas are still warm in November and the weather is generally suitable for lazy days on the beach even right into December. Flowers bloom all year round and although the nights start to get cold you would generally not expect daytime temperatures to fall below 10 degrees C even in January and February

So if you want to extend your summer by the maximum possible in Europe the destinations that you should be making for are:

Southern Greece (The Peloponnese)

Southern Italy (Sicily)


Spain (The Canary Islands)


So enjoy your travels and we will see you on the beach!