Good Vibrations


Could there ever have been a group that lifted spirits more than the Beach Boys

Brian, Mike,Carl,Dennis and Al, how many Baby Boomers have lived through the high times that the music from the Beach Boys had given.

On a cold wet afternoon looking out over a busy street or sitting in a coast side restaurant in the rain their sunny lifting music will not fail to lift your spirits,

Could it be that most people have a favourite song that lifted them in bad times or songs that bring back the good times.

There are theories that your brain neural patterns will go back to the good or bad experiences when triggered by music on this occasion.

This theory cannot be associated with the writings of Brian Wilson obviously a very trouble young man he continued to compose uplifting songs, many of these were also with the influence of Mike Love and the energy of Brother Dennis.

While Mike had the positive side of a young man and Dennis the full blown energy Brian brought all the fun and excitement into the music.

Julian Lennon the son of the late John Lennon once said in an interview that his listeners to at least one Beach Boys song every day as he could never be sad while playing their music.

There are many groups and bands whose influence is infectious even with the negative and angry music which some of today’s groups promote, but never again will there be a sound that seems to make the sun shine on a rainy day

From I get around “the song of young Boys going out and having fun with their best girl” to the sensational sound of Good Vibrations which at the time changed the sound of all future music.

The Beach Boys final challenge to all the groups at the time the album to end all albums “ Pet Sounds” arguably the best album ever to be made with its endless sounds created by Brian Wilson and Tony Asher, the gauntlet was thrown down to all  the music writers  “Follow that”


No greater accolade than from Sir Paul McCartney and George Martin who considered Pet Sounds to be the greatest Album they have ever heard and pushed the Beatles to new heights.


The Beach Boys still bring pleasure Millions of fans around the world and no matter why their music makes you feel good is open to opinion the fact remains that it does.