For Athletes Who Need Motion Control Running Shoes, The Beast 8 is a Top of the Line Option

After suffering horrific mountain bike accident earlier this year, in which I shattered my foot (you know it is not good when the EMT who comes to take you off the mountain and takes one look at your foot before turning away and muttering, “Oh, this is bad”) and spent eight weeks alternating between crutches and a wheel chair, I have finally been cleared by my orthopedic surgeon to begin exercising again.  That’s after gaining about 20-25 pounds of pure blubber from laying on the couch and eating Taco Bell - It seems like my pain meds gave me an insatiable craving for “Fourth Meal.”

So, the last time I checked, I had really flat feet.  I’m assuming nothing has changed aside from the three screws that are still imbedded in my right foot.  With my new found girth, my height (6’4”), and being flat footed, I have to be real careful about what kind of shoes that I buy to get back in shape. 

After doing some research on the internet I learned that I need to find a shoe that has a balance between comfort and stability.  And the key is finding the balance.  Shoes that have too much control without much ability to flex can lead to discomfort which can also cause a change in your gait which then leads to knee, hip, and back issues.  Maybe I would be better off just playing Xbox instead.

The Beast 8 by Brooks offers one of the more highly regarded running shoes with motion control.  I went to a nearby Larry’s Sports Stores to try on the Beast and it had a real good feel.  Before buying the shoe, however, I decided to do some more research.  At $130.00, I want to make sure that I’m getting something that I can live with.

The Features that make the Brooks Beast 8 standout are:

The Brooks DNA - I’m usually skeptical of self-named scientific features, but according the Brooks website, their cushioning material provides 30% better performance than standard gel or other EVA (which is light weight foam like material).  The focus of the Brooks DNA is in the midsole area of the shoe which is the most important area in terms of trying to limit impact.  Also, the midsole technology of the Brooks Beast 8 is designed to help disperse the force of the impact across the entire range of the foot upon impact.
Lighter Weight - Although the Beast 8 is generally a heavier shoe because of the amount of stability and support technology (there are 13 specific design features going into the midsole technology of the shoe alone)  that has been incorporated by the shoe, this version of the Beast line is lighter weight than previous models because of the introduction of lighter weight gel underneath the shoe. 
Durability - Because The Beast 8 is designed for larger athletes (which I definitely fit the bill) with flat feet, this running shoe is built to take a beating and a lot of care has gone into the construction materials of the shoe to make sure that it doesn’t break down under pressure.

For athletes with very specific needs, the Brooks Beast 8 seems like a very sound investment.  Sure you can probably save some money and go with a less expensive shoe, but is it really less expensive if your shoes leads to foot, knee, or back pain and then spends most of the time in your closet because you won’t or can’t wear them?