Paul McCartney and John Lennon are the roots of probably the most influential band in musical history. Joined by George Harrison and Ringo Starr, the ‘Fab Four’ easily shot their way to the top of the music business.

                The Beatles have produced thirteen studio albums and have released over thirty singles in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Their hits have become classics through the years, some of them so overly popular that anyone who doesn’t know the tune must have lived under a rock since the dawn of time.

                Though The Beatles have an amazing story to tell through their lives and music, the focus of this article is not on their business success. The Fab Four are most definitely not long forgotten, but it seems as if in the modern world, their influence has been nearly buried by the unappreciative younger generation.  More and more teenagers of this generation have been brainwashed into listening to young, washed up, auto-tuned pop stars who aren’t even able to sing live without lip-syncing, let alone write their own music. These modern “stars” such as Justin Bieber and Ke$ha seem to be all the rave, and I rarely find someone who shares my love for The Beatles and their inspirational music.

                From things that I’ve witnessed myself in learning about music, it seems as though in today’s world, the music business is no longer based upon talent and song writing. If you take a good, hard look at them, each and every modern-day pop star has what seem people think to be ‘appealing looks’, which only rake in the bucks from mostly preteen to teen girls who just have to see their new favorite heart-throb in concert. Most of the top-selling artists make more money from their clothing lines and fragrances than they do their actual music, which normally is centered around the same focal point, also; teen love, which brings me to my next point. Today’s music has almost no sense of inspiring content or, as much as people claim to, subjects that can relate to and empathize with real life conflicts.

                Many of the Beatles’ songs are about love, yes, but there is also a good majority that deal with everyday struggles of a human being’s life. Songs such as “Let It Be”, “Help!”, “Black Bird” and John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero” all deal with the songwriter’s – and in some cases, just the human race in general – internal and external conflicts. You don’t have that quality in the majority of modern day’s music. If you just listen to the lyrics, many of today’s songs focus on things like alcohol, drugs, and pathetic attempts at Romeo and Juliet-esque love. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I do not find these sort of topics appealing when listening to a hit song. I’ve come to realize that one of the few reasons people are so attracted to this sort of music is because of the catchy tune and loud beat. I understand being drawn to a catchy song, but not all that jazz about auto-tuning and altering the vocalist’s voice is completely necessary for a great, bestselling song.

                One of the strongest points I am aiming to make is that not everything needs to be about looks or money. The argument I often make to people when they simply wave off the underlying influence of The Beatles is that everything has an inspiration. Everything came from one inspiration or another, and no matter what it is, that one inspiration influences everything it touches. Its unbelievable how many artists were inspired by The Beatles and their all too real tale of extreme success. What the modern generation fails to understand is that their favorite pop star didn’t just appear out of nowhere. As much as I dislike that particular type of music, it is true that these musicians would not have made it to where they are if it weren’t for The Beatles. The four members of that band are the sole roots of every form of music that is out there, and call me crazy, but I believe that this deserves some respect from everyone that it has altered. It is an everlasting chain of indirect influence, and that entire chain began with the Beatles. They directly influenced artists from their time, and those artists influenced the next, and so on. Point is, that no matter how indirect the motivation, it all traces back to the legacy of Paul, John, George, and Ringo.

                As my closing point, I would like to throw it out there that I am one of the people touched by the great influence of The Beatles. Listening to their music always seems to lift my spirits, and I will fully admit that their songs speak to me in an unexplainable way that only drives me toward reaching for success. While watching the “Top 100 Artists of All Time” on VH1 a few months ago, I was glad to see that The Beatles were placed in the number one slot on the countdown. I recall one of the hosts saying that “The Beatles are the one and only band that she would scream and cry for to see them in concert”. You don’t see Justin Bieber receiving that level of respect, do you?