For several years now, the Rock band video games have provided a fun jam session style environment for music fans everywhere. These games, produced by MTV Games, allow players to hook up pseudo instruments including guitars and drums, and then do their best to play songs like the pros. Many video game fans and music fans rave about how fun these games are to play, any time of day.

The latest of these games is of course The Beatles Rock Band special edition bundle or the Special Value edition. It gives Beatles fans new and old the ability to play classic songs from this legendary rock band. The game includes a tracklist of over 40 hits from the musical pioneers, and there will be more content offered via the Playstation online network as well. Players can attempt a first time concept in the game, as they track to match harmonies with these musical masters. This particular special edition for the PS3 includes the Höfner bass controller, The Beatles branded Rock Band drums, microphone, microphone stand and some additional special content you won't get if you purchase the software alone. You can use controllers from Guitar Hero or previous versions of Rock Band with this as well but the specific Beatles instruments are the ones the group made famous, such as Paul McCartney's famous Hofner bass controller and the Rickenbacker 325 guitar that John Lennon made famous. Drum fans can jam on Ringo Starr's classic Ludwig-branded kick drum set, complete with black pearl finish.

Amongst the hit songs you'll play are classics like "I Want to Hold Your Hand", "Here Comes the Sun" and "Back in the USSR". What makes the game extra special is that you're not just playing the group's songs, you're living their adventurous career. You'll go behind closed doors for studio sessions and work to create the hit records the Beatles made. The gameplay environments are something to behold as well as they recreate various venues that the group played at. These include Cavern Club, Abbey Road and Shea Stadium, giving new aspiring musicians the feel of playing bigtime concerts like John, Paul, George and Ringo did. There's even The Ed Sullivan Theater where the Beatles made a huge live appearance. Certain backgrounds you'll see are visually stunning creations, such as the underwater Yellow Submarine scenery or some of the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Bands colorful imagery. It adds an even deeper feel and vibe to the game that Rock Band titles before it were missing.

It's important to note there's also a Beatles Rock Band Special Value edition available for PS3, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox360. The Special value edition includes Rock Band Guitar, Rock Band Drum Kit, Microphone, USB Hub, Guitar Strap and The Beatles: Rock Band software. The limited edition premium bundle mentioned above includes the special Beatles branded equipment such as the drums and Hofner bass controller used by Paul McCartney.

Fans are sure to love this game, and even more so if they are fans of The Beatles. Previous titles included a variety of songs, some of which the game players may have wanted to skip past. If you're a Beatles fan you've got a deep appreciation for this group's contribution to the world of music, and this new video game bundle will only deepen that appreciation more. It's rated "T" for Teen, but sure to be a hit amongst older crowds as well, including longtime fans. The Beatles Rock Band game is released on various video game platforms including Sony Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 on 9/9/09.