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Packed with some really great tips! Ever wondered how to perfect that Smokey eye, here's your answer!

Throw out your chemical infused recipes -  that are your toner, cleanser, moisturiser and makeup remover! Try out nature's beautiful secret that is; Rosewater. This beauty miracle has been in use since the early Medieval Islamic Period, where doctors and pharmacists discoved it's incredible powers. This miracle substance has  numerous uses, cooking, drinking, perfumery and as I'll be discussing in this articles;  Beauty!

Pure rosewater is the distiller water of roses. It contains various skin goodies such as; Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Antioxidants, and Essential oils. Rosewater also contains anti-bacterial properties and so it can be used to treat blackheads, pimples, and even acne. The benefits of Rosewater are so widespread, a person could write a whole book about it.


Here  are some Rosewater uses from the beauty department;


1. Toner

To use Rosewater as a toner simply dampen a cotton ball with rosewater and pat all over face and neck. Not only will you fell fresh but you'll also smell wonderful!


2. Cleanser/ make-up remover

Dampen a face cloth With rosewater and gently wipe face. This will remove make-up, and any dirt clogging your pores. It will freshen up your face! Rosewater is a delicate and so it can be used for sensitive skin.


3. Moisturiser

Just pat onto your skin and feel the difference. Mix with honey and crushed oats to make a face mask. (Leave on for 20 minutes)


4. Perfume

Gently pat onto skin around ears and neck,  this will leave you smelling like a flower ! (Pun intended...)


5. Tired eyes

Long nights of study, work, or baby watching leave your poor eyes strained and blackened. Put some rosewater onto a cotton pad, and very  gently pat around the delicate eye area, leave to dry. This will instantly revitalise your eyes! Trust me, spread  the  word about this tip! People will love you for it!


6. Redness / Inflamation

Pat Rosewater  on the affected area for immmediate  pain relief and soothing.


So put  your coat on, and head out the door! Get  your hands on a bottle of pure Rosewater, and be prepared to feel your face, body, and mind glowing from its immeasurable benefits!


Let me know what you use this sensational secret substance for!

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