Trundle beds are great space savers for a child’s bedroom or guest room. Used in conjunction with a bunk bed, a larger family can comfortably sleep three children in one bedroom while still providing sufficient space for storage or play. Many parents utilize trundles for their children’s sleepovers or as an extra bed for guests during holiday visits or other special occasions. 

The beauty of trundles is two-fold. First they are extremely easy to setup when the need arises, i.e. slide the bed  out from its hiding place and accommodate the appropriate bedding. Second, these beds do not permanently take up fundamental space in a room when they are not in use. Most trundles neatly tuck away under a conventional type bed, thus remaining hidden during times of non use. In this way, they are not really occupying essential space that can be utilized in other ways.

Trundle Bed
Credit: mrbill

Child's Trundle

Hiding a trundle underneath a bunk bed in your children's bedroom setting leaves ample space for your children to spread out and do the things they like to do during leisure time. When there are several children sharing the same room, it is important to have enough space for each to pursue their interests and hobbies or just to play together without feeling cramped. Some of this extra space can even be used to accommodate additional storage furniture in the room such as a chest of drawers, wardrobe or child’s desk. 

Adult Trundle

In a guest room, a trundle bed can be easily accommodated beneath a daybed setup. When extra guests arrive, both the daybed and trundle can be utilized as extra beds to supply comfortable sleeping arrangements. In the meantime, this room can serve as a study room, recreational space, or home office. The daybed can be converted into a comfy couch, complete with an attractive cover and matching throw pillows to complement surrounding décor. In this case, an adult trundle bed would be more practical than a children's trundle, if adult visitors are anticipated.

Accompanying mattresses to these beds are usually sold separately in your choice of mattress size, type, thickness and level of support. Bedding accessories can also be purchased separately in any combination of colors and styles desired. 

A quality name brand trundle bed can be purchased from local furniture shops or through online dealers. These beds come in an assortment of designs, styles and materials to meet each individual need and personal taste. Prices vary according to size, name brand and design. However, the wide selection of these type of beds available on the market today makes it easy to find one within almost any budget.