Did you know that garden arbors and trellises are magical? They can take a dull, uninspiring yard or garden and transform it into one of rare beauty. It all depends on how they are used in outdoor spaces. If you dream about creating a restful and inspiring outdoor oasis, try arbors and trellises. These products are more than wonderful landscaping tools. They beckon you to come outdoors, relax and smell the roses.

What Is A Garden Arbor?

What exactly is the difference between an arbor and a trellis? Most people know what a rose trellis looks like. It resembles an archway or three-sided stand. The garden arbor is also an arched or three-Cedar Wood Garden ArborCredit: www.amazon.comsided stand but has a built-in seating area. Although many homeowners love family seating arrangements like patio furniture, there is something special about garden arbor seating that can't compare to a patio or deck chair. Why?

Unlike a regular deck chair, the arbor can actually feed you. Imagine sitting in your arbor and picking cherry tomatoes, strawberries or some other yummy vine fruit that is growing there. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

The Flower Trellis Creates Beauty And Romance

One of the most beautiful aspects of this product is how it creates a certain ambiance in the garden, Even the tiniest yard can benefit from a well-placed arbor. The side lattice design lets you plant whatever your heart desires.  Hanging wisteria, climbing roses, vinca vines or morning glories are just a few of the plants that can be trained to cover a trellis.

Even if you live close to a bustling city, your garden can capture the feeling of a genteel southern plantation where sitting and relaxing outdoors amid the foliage was a way of life in the bygone eras. They are romantic, enchanting and relaxing additions to any outdoor space.

Garden Arbors And Trellises Have A Practical Side

Not only do arbors and trellises create ambiance and stylish decor to outdoor spaces, they can have practical uses as well. I have seen well-placed ivy-covered arbors at the end of long driveways with children sitting on them waiting for the morning school bus. They provide shelter from the sun. The bench seating comes in handy for people who cart their gardening supplies around or who want to have a quick bench to use for a repotting. They can be dressed up and made festive for special occasions with outdoor lighting.

Choosing Your Garden Arbors And Trellises By Style

How does someone choose the right trellis or arbor for them? It really depends on your taste and budget. These products come in several different materials from wood to metal. Some of them are very intricate and expensive. Others are very simple designs that a homeowner can put together using pre-fab kits.

Trellises can be joined to create one long, shady and fragrant tunnel of flowers to walk through. They can become backdrops for Japanese gardens and ponds. Garden arbors work perfectly for those who want to create a wildlife habitat in their backyard. Butterflies will visit. Hummingbirds will come too. The older they get, the more they look like a natural part of the landscape.

In this fast-paced, high-tech world we live in, garden arbors and trellises remind us to take more time to stop and smell the roses in life. Or the tomatos. Or the strawberries.