Any home will need an elegant compound or fencing to ensure privacy and safety. Wood fencing gives a touch of style and character to your home and makes it stand apart from the rest of the community. Wood fencing looks beautiful and can be maintained and looked after to ensure long life. Wooden fencing with strong wooden planks not only offers you good security, they can also block your private space from public view and thus give you the privacy required.

Urban home as well as farm homes use wood fencing not only as the main boundary wall, but also to cordon off their swimming pool and children's play areas. Wood fencing gives you total privacy and helps you keep your toddlers and dogs from wandering away.

When you are planning to go in for wood fencing, make it a point to go through various catalogues which will give you a wide variety of products and designs to choose from. Picket fences are by far the most popular style which goes well with both cottages and mansions, be it in urban city or by the woods. Farms and ranches will find split trail fencing style making a good style statement on their propeWooden Fence (16367)rty. Wood fencing is something that you can enjoy installing by yourself. Besides you can also pain the wood fencing with colours of your choice. A bright coloured wood fencing always gives a bright and sparkling look to your home. If you do not want a bold look, go in for natural look wood fencing. Unpainted wood fencing gives a natural look and feel and blends with the entire environment.

Timber is used not only for building houses and cottages but for fencing as well. Most favourite wood for wood fencing happens to be red cedar wood or pine wood which is pressure treated. Pine is grown especially for the building industry and is economical. Red cedar may be a little expensive but long lasting and good looking. Wood fencing requires a good skilled worker to install the fencing and the installation should be strong and sturdy to withstand the wind and rains. Fencing should be periodically painted and varnished so that it does not attract termites, ants and other insects.

For those of you who are ready for a little bit of hard work and adventure, you may want to buy the wooden planks and make your own pickets and do the fencing with your family members pitching in to help. This will give you a free hand to design on your own and you can choose the style as you like it and paint it the way you like. Any piece of wood fencing if done personally will stand out and give your home that unique personal touch.

While you choose the wood fencing for your home, make sure that you look for Eco Friendly wood which is bio degradable. You will not only contribute to saving the environment, the fencing wood can be recycled and reused as garden mulch.