Dangle earrings have become very popular in recent times with women from all walks of life. You will see the rich and the famous adorning this type of chandelier earrings, encrusted with diamonds and pearls and at the other end of the spectrum, you will find young teenage girls wearing a pair in order to emulate their idols.

Dangle earrings can be defined as earrings that hang down below the level of the earlobe. If the earring consists of beads, gemstones or charms, then the wire that they hang on is very flexible. This means that the earrings are able to move freely and you will get that jingle jangle sound. Depending on the style that you choose your dangle earring can either be short and conservative or if there are several strands of earring wire coming from the central base, then the earring can be quite wide as well as long as well as extravagant.

Things To Consider When Buying Dangle Earrings

When you are choosing a pair of earrings you should always consider how heavy the piece of jewellery is. The weight has to be carried by the earlobes and although the earlobes are robust, if too much weight is applied, this could lead to devastating effects. First the pressure will stretch the original hole in the ear and drag the earlobe down. In extreme cases, the earlobe can actually tear and leave an open wound. This wound could then become infected.

Earrings To Suit Your Outfit

If you are dressing up for a special occasion like a ball, a prom or a wedding, dangle earrings could be the perfect accessories. There is such a wide choice that you are sure to find a pair to perfectly compliment your outfit whether your outfit is for daywear or for evening wear.

Earrings To Suit Your Style

Earrings are one way to project your personality. They can really make a statement and you decide if you want to make a bold statement or not. If you can't find the perfect pair for your outfit, you may want to find out a simple way to make dangle earrings for yourself. Once you learn, you will never be limited by what is available in the shops.

How To Style Your Hair For Dangle Earrings

If you are wearing a beautiful pair of dangle earrings, you want the whole world to be able to see them. The hairstyle that is best suited for this type of jewellery is either short hair or a hairdo that lifts up and away from the face. This is the best way to not only elongate the neck but also show off your earlobes to great effect. If you have opted for a pair of dangle earrings then you should choose a necklace that is not too fussy so that your jewellery isn't fighting with each other for attention.

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