Most people are fans of jewelry to some extent and with the vast choice of pieces available for purchase there is something that will suit everyone's taste and style. It is therefore an excellent accessory to have available and is capable of providing a beautiful finishing touch to both casual and dressy outfits.

Most people will have at least a few pieces of jewelry to dress up an outfit and the choice of materials for these comes down to personal taste. The most popular type of metal in jewelry design is gold and this has been used in creating pieces for thousands of years. This is also true of silver and more modern materials include platinum and titanium. Diamonds tend to be the most popular precious stone and are used in many pieces although if you are a fan of colorful jewelry rubies, aquamarine and other gemstones may be more to your taste.

It is possible to mix and match the different metals and gemstones to create a range of stunning looks. Depending on the quality of materials used costs can be as affordable as $10 for some pieces although for those that have the means pieces into the millions of dollars have been created. However prices are available such that everyone should be able to find jewelry that suits their style and their budget.

If you are a fan of big diamonds then a style that will appeal to you is diamond cocktail rings. These types of rings are typically fashioned from one large gemstone or can be a large ring with a cluster of smaller diamonds on it. Whichever of these you choose it will certainly create a stunning look and is a great piece to have in your jewelry box.

This style of ring has been popular for more 60 years having first come into fashion during the 1940's period of prohibition in America. Many people who attended cocktail parties around this time liked to dress in a high class style and this included the jewelry they wore. It signified that they had the money and means to do this and the style has remained popular ever since.

Dressy events such as evening parties are still typically where this type of jewelry is most likely to be worn and matching a diamond ring with a pair of diamond crystal chandelier earrings can creative an attractive look that will draw attention and make you stand out from the crowd. However with the use of materials such as cubic zirconia which can look like diamond but cost a fraction of the price, more affordable pieces are available and this means that these types of ring have come into fashion for everyday wear.

The styles of ring available mean that you should be able to find a piece that suits your taste. If you are a fan of classic style then a vintage piece may be more your thing although if you are more contemporary in outlook a modern style may be more appealing. There are plenty of options out there and shopping around should find you a style that matches your taste and your wardrobe.
Diamond tends to look attractive with gold and this is a good combination to go for if you are looking for a ring. However silver, platinum or titanium can also create an attractive look. Whichever metal you opt for this type of showy jewelry is sure to get you noticed and is something to consider for your collection.