The Embodiment of Folk Music

Folk Lore : The beauty of Music


Folk Music (Folk Lore).Evolved before the 19th century, has no known composers ,and has been associated with the less privileged in society.It is a traditional genre of music performed in the ancient times and cultures,defining a people’s culture and tradition,superstitions and beliefs,and a way of life .

It has since evolved into a contemporary genre,blended over time,to include other forms of music during the recent years.It was actually delivered through oral transmission and the use of traditional musical instruments.


It is also associated with immigrants,in a bid to strengthen and maintain their culture,passed on to them by their forefathers.It also brings together those who identify with it ,hence culture is preserved through these vocal talents.


Folk Lore served as a destruction from the harsh rigours of everyday life ,and for effective coordination during work,also, a tool for relaxation and to unwind after a long day ‘s work.It was more lively during after work sessions ,and thus brought together different generational groups. it included traditional musical instruments to provide rhythm and dance.The presence of both children,adults and the elderly brought about influence and passage of a tradition. Culture was therefore passed on from generation to generation, engraved and preserved in the hearts and minds of the bearers.


It mainly evolves from special and memorable events,religious activities,poetry,disastrous situations ,victory and defeat.Folklore was thus a natural gift of pure music created solely for the enjoyment of the participants,void of all the pomp and colour that is associated with modern day music.It is a show of natural talent,unexaggerated and emanating from deep within one’s soul ,to bring out a true feeling,embodying memories surrounded by a nostalgic presence.It takes one back to the yesteryears where civilization was a vision.


It’s a traditional creation that tells a story of tears,laughter,memories unforgotten ,lost treasures,hope,faith ,engraved in the hearts of many,struggling to preserve the richness of tribal cultures . It depicts one’s roots, digging deep into the depths of culture,spanning many years.


Today,it is fused with instruments like electric guitars to bring out a modern presence,evolved to include new generational music like rock , fused with music from different cultures to offer a new presence and adaptation accepted by many. Folk music is actually,the beauty of music.