If you are going to have a shotgun in your house, you must have a proper gun locker to keep kids and other people who don't know how to handle guns from getting a hold of it.

The typical gun locker is constructed of a durable kind of wood, and can be dark or light in color. You will want to hang the locker high up on a wall so that kids who are curious won't be tall enough to reach it. The locking mechanism needs to be difficult to open so that people who are unfamiliar with guns cannot gain access easily. If you do not have kids, a locker that sits on the floor would probably be fine, but you will want to ensure that it remains locked if you have visitors. Gun lockers are also known by many names such as gun cabinets, shotgun cabinets and rifle safes.

Some gun lockers are so appealing that you can put them in a recreation room and no one will even know there are guns inside. You might also consider keeping your gun locker in your garage, since not a lot of guests will go in there.

In order to buy a locker, you should visit sporting good merchants or Internet-based merchants that specialize in gun lockers. You might also be able to buy a previously-owned locker, or find one that is less expensive. But, make absolutely certain that the locker you select is strong and that the lock is operational. You can retain quite a bit of cash by getting a second-hand locker.

Gun safes are another method of storing guns that has increased in popularity. They come in either a single-door model or a double door model. They can withstand flames for a time of between 30 and 60 minutes. A number of safes come with carpet and a ground-down handle to keep would-be thieves from getting inside. In addition, these safes come with an anti-drill metal sheet to further thwart thieves. You can get a safe in one of a number of colors like green, purple, red, gray, blue, or black. Most safes include a few shelves inside for easy storage of other kinds of guns. Since the hinges are on the outer part of the safe, it can be moved rather simply. If the safe you select is a single-door model, the door will swing open to 180 degrees so you can get to your guns more easily. Certain safes are constructed to a height that will allow for longer shotguns.

No matter which kind of gun locker you select, be it a new one, a second-hand one, or a safe, you need to keep in mind that the goal is to to keep your loved ones protected from using guns that they do not understand how to operate.